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What can I do if my dog ate raccoon feces and is very sick?

posted by  Bart41(178)

What should I do if my hamster is bleeding from his rectum?

posted by  tru(144)

What can you tell me about pregnant balloon mollies?

posted by  lclabr(16)

What is the average life span of a dog?

posted by  jansi(91)

How can you tell if you have a fat tiger barb?

posted by  Dizzy(78)

If my goat has a cough, can I treat it with garlic?

posted by  sabeenaIbrahim(41)

Can a rabbit survive if it breaks his back?

posted by  Momjen(14)

Why will my dogs not mate?

posted by  nlscobalt(16)

Why do freshwater fish dart around their aquarium?

posted by  Echo(229)

What could cause a beta's belly to have a white bump?

posted by  hannah24(22)

How do I treat a rat foot injury?

posted by  wj(646)

How do I care for a Severe Macaw?

posted by  sikanthar(100)

What can you tell me about ketoconazole and dogs?

posted by  emersonblue(14)

What are symptoms of a false pregnancy in dogs?

posted by  JoeHonda(16)

What could be causing my cat to gag all the time?

posted by  Mathy(20)

My rabbit urinate a lot. What should I do?

posted by  homemaker(19)

What is the process for weaning puppies?

posted by  Adeshong(14)

What should I know about raising eight-week-old kittens?

posted by  lmckiernan(40)

Do I put my turtle in water?

posted by  danzig(24)

Does my cat's ear cleaning affect its balance?

posted by  mohan36(13)

My cats are urinating uncharacteristically. What's wrong?

posted by  rain7420(152)

My cat has a runny nose. What should I do?

posted by  Mark39(21)

Can Lyme disease cause a swollen eye in a dog?

posted by  lordduncan(8)

My overweight cat cannot clean himself. Should I bathe him?

posted by  Kryslyn(40)

Should I worry about a cat with a hanging belly?

posted by  AC44(18)

What can you tell me about dogs and tick disease?

posted by  LRover(32)

What can you tell me about scabies in dogs?

posted by  GrahamM(47)

What could be wrong with my rabbit?

posted by  traceytracey(33)

How do you know how pregnant a cat is?

posted by  bill68(19)

Is it a good idea to shave an Australian Shepherd?

posted by  daughtry(43)

What should my 4-week-old kitten be doing?

posted by  iamanartfuldodger(19)

Should you put two male parakeets together?

posted by  queen(17)

What should I do about an ingrown tail on a dog?

posted by  willowtree(55)

Why is my ferret not growing?

posted by  zair(17)

What can be done for a pet rat that has a tumor?

posted by  ladybug(21)

What can you do for bald spots on cats?

posted by  GucciLuLu(26)

Once a dog has had coccidia, is it immune to it?

posted by  AManikandan(21)

Why does my puppy have weak rear legs?

posted by  TM3885(24)

Why is my dog's urine brown?

posted by  kittyone(25)

How do you diagnose a ruptured disc in dogs?

posted by  Kevin91(20)

What can you do for sores on the ends of dogs' ears?

posted by  bigreddog(83)

What treatment should I use for mites on my dog's skin?

posted by  kittenbz(18)

When do you know your cat is going to have kittens?

posted by  bluestar(100)

How do you get rid of mange mites in dogs?

posted by  SG888(13)

What can I apply to my dogs torn foot pad?

posted by  ivycreek(25)

What are diastix used for?

posted by  KC(19)

What are some common cures for mange?

posted by  vanessa1984(20)

How do you brush a cat's teeth?

posted by  babs70(18)

Why do dogs always have a wet nose?

posted by  angolagirl(18)

Why is temaril p used for dogs?

posted by  Salculd(32)

What's a good heartworm treatment?

posted by  wordsmith22(13)

Can a dog have high blood pressure?

posted by  GeorgeTuell(20)

Do they make aspirin for dogs?

posted by  Annie(24)

What does it look like when a hermit crab is molting?

posted by  Ella(18)

Is Capstar safe for dogs?

posted by  RJ1986(68)

Can a hamster recover from an infection?

posted by  MaineCoonMom(38)

How do I become a canine dentist?

posted by  Jack81(10)

What vaccinations should a kitten get?

posted by  diva25(4016)

What are some common cat illnesses?

posted by  me91(5)

What causes white worms in dogs?

posted by  Sara55(34)

Does a dry nose on a cat indicate illness?

posted by  Vincent(75)

Why is my cat constipated?

posted by  vatsa41(7)

What if the discharge from my cat's eyes look bloody?

posted by  Map27(1)

What is the white bumpy spot on my betta?

posted by  dsmith42(371)

Why is my cat losing his hair?

posted by  nleitere(21)

Is it okay if you don't get your male guinea pigs fixed?

posted by  Chunky(1)

How do you treat canine cognitive disorder?

posted by  StevenGrant(25)

What is wrong with my goldfish who will not eat?

posted by  maria(18)

What could be the cause of feline sudden blindness?

posted by  Mike93(8)

How can I tell if my hermit crab is molting?

posted by  Cocoa(32)

What can be done to help a dog that has rickets?

posted by  jaya(1)

How do you control ammonia in a ten gallon fish tank?

posted by  lize413(18)

How to treat a rabbit with a cold?

posted by  jmansfie(282)

How do you take a rectal temperature on a puppy?

posted by  siageah(36)

Will vegetable oil hurt my cat?

posted by  livegive(15)

What is a common cause of flatulence or gas in dogs?

posted by  sahilccet(20)

Can you give a puppy ice chips?

posted by  lvraevn(49)

What is normal feline daily food intake?

posted by  AllisonW(20)

What can I do for my beagle that has a broken leg?

posted by  jimmay(19)

How do you tell if your yorkie is pregnant?

posted by  ajherrma(25)

How do you put on a mini horse breast collar?

posted by  phlip(24)

What is treatment for a goat with diarrhea?

posted by  pfalvi(24)