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What is the breeding cycle for a dog?

posted by  kalaivani(11)

Why would one of my pugs be defecating on my bed?

posted by  tonya(1)

What can I do for my Labrador has sore ears?

posted by  dancer(19)

How can you tell if a dog was poisoned?

posted by  manuelr78(43)

How does Rebound help dogs with Parvo to recover?

posted by  Angie(27)

How old can a cat be and still get pregnant?

posted by  siva(28)

What could cause sudden aggression in cats?

posted by  sheila23(18)

Why does my hamster sleep a lot?

posted by  redhairdude(5)

How common is canine meningitis?

posted by  Cali2307(1337)

My new bunny won't eat. What should I do?

posted by  megan23m(1)

Where can I find some good recipes for homemade dog food?

posted by  Tinyfoot(26)

Should I be concerned that my dog ate a toad?

posted by  lance(26)

What are some dog skin conditions?

posted by  4dramamama(17)

What food will improve my dog's urine ph?

posted by  Bee(14)

Can you tell me about poodles and allergies?

posted by  Taj(29)

What are common cause of feline urinary tract infection?

posted by  candeux(21)

How can I get rid of my dachshunds bad breath?

posted by  Martie(19)

What should I do for my dog's infected nose?

posted by  Colonel(12)

What are the best ways to treat constipation in opossums?

posted by  lotus16(18)

Why is my cat pulling fur out of paws?

posted by  mandiravathi(22)

How do I go about making a steam bath for my kitten?

posted by  winkler294896(45)

Why would a goldfish change from gold to white in color?

posted by  Bee36(230)

Can I put my cat to sleep at home?

posted by  Sindhuramesh(21)

How can I treat a bad eye infection in a cat?

posted by  Samuel(13)

How can I help my cat whom has insect bites on her nose?

posted by  dholmes(82)

How do you heal a sore on a dogs face?

What is the ideal weight for a mini rex rabbit?

posted by  karate(24)

What could be the cause of problems with my cat's pupils?

posted by  jennybop(254)

Why is my cat always in the litter box trying to go?

posted by  Spike(17)

What are signs that my guppy gave birth?

posted by  Cesca(47)

Can I give my cat aspirin?

posted by  jhitchin(92)

What is a good milk replacer for pot bellied pigs?

posted by  soniv11(25)

What are common urinary problems associated with male goats?

posted by  jim1(24)

Does a rabbit's diet include strawberries?

posted by  Serdar(11)

My dog has been vomiting for 24 hours. What can I do?

posted by  dkgoku09(1)

What should I know about a feeding tube for cats?

posted by  Meg(224)

What is a normal respiration for a dog?

posted by  nlscobalt(16)

What should I do if my red eared slider has a swollen tail?

posted by  blb(79)

What are symptoms of a horse eating opossum manure?

posted by  Jennifer16(17)

What is bulbus glandis?

posted by  worker4326(11)

How do you apply vetrachloracin ointment on your dog?

posted by  Ricardo(25)

Can otibiotic ointment be used for hot spots?

posted by  mcannon(1)

How do parakeets fertilize eggs?

posted by  mandy54(19)

Why is my rabbit losing his hair?

posted by  busybee(29)

How do you prevent a horse from pacing in the stall?

posted by  smith24(19)

Why does my pregnant mare keep pacing?

posted by  allornothing27(84)

What is the best parakeet food?

posted by  JB42(8)

Is a Macaw a good choice for a first-time bird owner?

posted by  samantha50(14)

What is the treatment for glaucoma in dogs?

posted by  shulex(35)

Is there any benefit to taking my dog to a psychologist?

posted by  Kam(88)

Do Winter White hamsters require special care?

posted by  worker3016(10)

Is Acepromazine a good pet tranquilizer?

posted by  caligirl1740(27)

Where can I get purchase tobacco dust?

posted by  jerseygurl(1)

What could be causing bald spots on my guinea pig?

posted by  ruff(34)

What could be causing my cat to have mucus in his stool?

posted by  soniya(22)

What can cause eye problems in cats?

posted by  marriedlady(61)

Does sulfur powder kill fleas on dogs?

posted by  Tami(16)

What could be the cause of my feline having sticky saliva?

posted by  baby75(126)

What could be the cause of my fish suddenly dyeing?

posted by  bob69(82)

What to do if there is blood in your guinea pig's urine?

posted by  ccorp(260)

Is it normal for a cat to stop labor?

posted by  Chrisme(94)

My pregnant cats stomach is very hard what does that mean?

posted by  haleighb(1)

What can you tell me about bumps on a cats hind legs?

posted by  Fani(7)

Are oranges safe to give to goldfish?

posted by  Chaneygirl(1755)

What could cause sudden weight loss in ferrets?

posted by  steph72(24)

If my dog has a hemangiosarcoma, should I have it euthanized?

posted by  Cjs(11)

Do I need a special veterinarian for cockatiels?

posted by  uglybanter(16)

What should I do for a dog with an upset stomach?

posted by  Baobao(1273)

What are the procedures for getting seed ticks off of dogs?

posted by  Peter(31)

Can I use aromatherapy for scabies in guinea pigs?

posted by  DANI42(17)

Why does my hamster shake?

posted by  hamstergal(2)

If my bearded dragon is yellow, is it sick?

posted by  yromeg(16)

What is a pink growth on a cat?

posted by  kheath727(16)

Will histicytoma affect my dogs bark?

posted by  Alice(26)

What can I do for a dog with a bee sting?

posted by  MechE(78)

What can you tell me about ligament repair for cats?

posted by  saumann(18)

How can you tell if a Holland Lop (rabbit) is thirsty?

posted by  sinu(23)

Why does my dog keep scratching?

posted by  marwa(13)

What would cause a white spot on my dog's nose?

posted by  ram(22)

Can goldfish get tumors?

posted by  ramyarengaraj(21)