Why only 50 words?

The point of Snippets is to provide simple, straightforward, easy to use answers to all kinds of questions. Short answers are easier to write and easier to understand, so we force you to keep the answers short so that people who are looking for answers can find them. Instead of skimming, sorting, or summarizing, all they have to do is read and learn!

Why isn't my post on top?

Answers are sorted by how many votes they have received from our users. If your post is not on top, it is because someone else's answer has gotten more votes. Feel free to get your friends to Snippets to vote for your answers, if being on top is something you're into.

Why is my post on top?

Congratulations! If your post is on top, it's because it has gotten the most votes from our users. Don't get too comfortable, though, someone else may be collecting more votes as you read this!

Why can't I see my post?

If you can't see your post, that means it has not received enough votes to be displayed. This is probably because it does not say anything useful, is offensive, is difficult to understand, contained a URL, or is a copy of something else on the Internet.

Why do I need to register to ask?

We value our users and we want you to get satisfying answers. We have found that this might require us to communicate with you about your question via email, and if you are not registered, then we cannot contact you.

Do I need to register to answer/comment/vote?


Why should I register to answer/comment/vote?

If you register, every question, answer, comment and vote that you contribute to our site will increase your score. The higher your score, the cooler you are. Also, the more powerful your vote will be.