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What can be done if a horse has cracks inside his sheath?

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How long do rabbits live?

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Why is my dog eating her poo?

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Is cat diarrhea a symptom of kidney failing?

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How long does it take for a puppy to recover a concussion?

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What can I do if my dog is coughing out flem?

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Is it true that Brewers yeast will provide taurine to cats?

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What does it mean when a guinea pig is squeaking?

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What is involved with dog cruciate surgery?

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How do you treat fish who have anchor worms?

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Can dogs tell that you do not like them?

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What kind of water should I give to rabbits?

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What causes vaginal discharge in a dog?

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What is normal behavior for a Chihuahua puppy?

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Is it necessary to map the PH levels in a turtles cage?

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Is it okay to switch a cat from dry food to wet food?

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What could cause a lump on a dogs shoulder?

What can you do if you have given your dog aleeve?

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What can you do for a dog that is choking?

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Are spiked dog collars humane?

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What can I do about my guinea pig's dry skin and fur?

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Can dogs get cavities?

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What do pale gums mean in a pug?

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Does a gecko make a good pet?

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What should I do about a rash on my dog's lip?

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What causes a dog to have a seizure?

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What do gerbils eat?

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Can my dog get sick from eating dead animals?

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Do puppies poop every two hours?

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What should I do if I have an open sore on a cat?

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How do I know if my Congo Grey is ready to lay eggs?

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Is it all right to give pen-aqueous to small dogs?

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Can you put a goldfish in tap water?

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What do they do for a budgie leg injury?

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What dyes are safe for animals?

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What can I do for my put that has a yeast infection?

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What can I do if my pregnant dog has started to limp?

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What can I do if my dog has a bad rash on her stomach?

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What is done to treat hypoplasia in a dog?

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What can I do if my dog ate a poison lilly plant?

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How old does a parakeet have to be to mate?

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Should I worry if my my snake isn't active?

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How do you take care of newborn birds?

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What is the best dog food for Yorkies?

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How do I treat my frogs broken legs?

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How can you determine if your ghost shrimp has worms?

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Why are my dog's ears splotchy?

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What could be wrong with my dog who refuses to eat?

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Is sensitive skin an issue with a lot of Doberman's?

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What is the second set of shots your dog should have?

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Why was my dog's poop was black, followed by mucus?

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What special care does a Shih-Tzu puppy require?

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What are the signs that a Labrador Retriever is healthy?

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Can a bee sting a dog's nose?

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What is normal swelling from an acl surgery on a dog?

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Is the product Revolution good for ear mites in dogs?

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What is the life expectancy of a siamese cat?

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Is cat's skin irritated by flea shampoo?

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What can I do for a rash on a puppy's belly?

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What can be done for facial infections on Bull mastiffs?

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What can be causing cat buttock bleeding?

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What causes white flakes in a dog's coat?

posted by  Stacey49(24)

Is it okay for a cat to eat cheese?

posted by  Serafinah(232)

What can you do for a vomiting cat?

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What is the treatment for a feline stroke?

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Do crabs have bowel movements?

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How do you get rid of mange?

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How can incontinence in a boxer be cured?

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Is it safe to give baby food to a dog?

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What do I need to know about testicular cancer in pugs?

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How do I add potassium citrate to my dog's diet?

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What can be done for my dog that has a paw cut?

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What causes constant peeing in dogs?

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Is it OK to give Petromalt to an elderly cat?

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How can I take care of stray kittens.

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What can I do for my dog whom has a dry nose?

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What are some ideas treating cat with irritable bowl syndrome?

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What can I do for a constipated puppy?

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Do bloody stools in a dog mean that he's going to die?

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How do you treat hives on a dog?

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