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Question by  wordsmith22 (13)

What's a good heartworm treatment?

Is Interceptor Heartworm any good?


Answer by  ryark (243)

Interceptor is good, and so is Heartguard. Make sure you have your pet tested for heartworms prior to starting any heartowrom treatment, because if your pet has heartworms already, giving them any heartworm preventative can kill your pet. There are a lot of online pet pharmacies that offer lower prices on both of these good brands of heartworm preventative.


Answer by  CrisisMeltdown (178)

Interceptor Heartworm is used to prevent Heartworm but is not the actual treatment. Treatment for Heartworm does not always work and before treatment occurs your dog is thoroughly examined. The treatment for Heartworm disease is a series of injections of Immiticide.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Interceptor is an effective heartworm preventative. It is not a treatment and should not be given to animals who are tested positive for heartworm. Heartworm treatment often involve using and arsenic compound (Immiticide) to kill the worms. Treatment is risky and should be done with the guidance of a veterinarian.

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