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How do I get rid of cat dandruff?

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Will de-worming a kitten stop diarrhea?

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Can dogs get cold sores?

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What could be the cause of my dog to limp?

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Does it hurt dogs when trimming their nails?

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What special care do Shar-Peis need?

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How do you give pills (medication) to a fussy cat?

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Can cats get worms like dogs do?

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Why does a mare make bag?

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Are the diets prescribed by veterinarians better?

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What should I do about my turtle who hisses blood?

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What are some causes of rashes on a dog?

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How will I know if my cat is having urinary problems?

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What should I do about a sty in my dog's eye?

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How can I tell if my kitty has a kidney infection?

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Why are macadamia nuts harmful to dogs?

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Why is my dog throwing up anything he eats?

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What causes canine rapid eye movement and loss of balance?

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What can I give my dog for pain after being spayed?

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Why is my cat throwing up her food?

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What should I do about a tear in my puppy's ear?

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Why is polymyxin prescribed for cats?

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What should I do about my dog who is puking?

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Why are my dog's ears thick?

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What is a good king charles cavalier diet?

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What if my dog got two rabies shots?

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Why is my guinea pig not eating?

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Why is my hamster losing hair?

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Why does my dog sweat so much?

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What could cause bleeding bumps on a dog's nose?

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Do vets prescribe Prednisone for dogs?

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What could be causing thin feces in a dog?

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What does it mean if my cat hisses then hides?

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How do I take care of a Thai beta?

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What is the kidney dog test called?

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How can I deal with founder in horses?

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Is my cat too skinny?

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How do I treat my dog for coccidiosis?

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What can I do for orphaned guinea pig babies?

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Why do dogs have tears?

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What could cause a lethargic kitten?

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What food is good for cats?

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Why is my dog peeing in his sleep?

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Why did my dog throw up right after he ate?

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What can I do about bird dandruff?

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How long is a dog's menstrual cycle?

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Why does my cat cough all the time?

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What kind of injuries can a lab get from jumping?

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Are red ticks dangerous?

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What are some common husky feet problems?

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What should I do when a dog gets spooked?

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What should I know about canine hypoglycemia?

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Do parakeets drink water?

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What should I know if my canine has vestibular problems?

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My feline ruptured her anal gland. What should I do?

posted by  Dhinakaran(22)

What can I feed my dog to get rid of fleas?

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How can I abort a cat's pregnancy?

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What breeds make good house dogs?

What causes a brain tumor in a dog?

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How do you treat cats that have allergies?

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Is HeartGuard the best heartworm prevention medicine?

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My rabbits eyes are matted shut. Why?

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Is there a home remedy for the mites in my dog's ears?

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How can I get my turtles to eat?

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What can I do for my dog who has dandruff and is itchy?

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Could a cyst on a dog cause them to seize?

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Why is my puppy's hair thinning?

What should I do for my puppy who got a bee sting?

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What are some causes of feline incontinence?

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What are some signs of head trauma in cats?

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Why is my pet losing hair and scabbing over?

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What could be causing my kitten to have green diarrhea?

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What can I do for a dog with an obstructed bowel?

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What causes clear vomit in dogs?

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What is happening to yorkies that throw up?

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Should I be concerned that my dog ate a wood skewer?

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How can I give my cat a high calcium diet?

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Why does my hamster have black scabs?

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What are the best pain meds for dogs?

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Is valley fever in dogs catching?

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What should I do if my dog's toenail is bleeding?

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