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Question by  jansi (91)

What is the average life span of a dog?

I want to know how long a dog will live.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

This varies widely breed to breed with giant breeds often having short lifespans of 6-8 years and smaller or medium breeds more frequently living to the mid teens in age.


Answer by  StellaSerra (217)

Different breeds and sizes of dogs live varied lengths of time. However, general research shows that smaller dogs live longer lives than larger ones. That isn't to say that all dogs will die at a certain time because of their size. The breadth of a dogs life can be lengthened or shortened according to their health and environment.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

It really depends on the breed of the dog but most likeley they live anywhere between 9 and 16 years. That is human years.

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