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What part of cat health could cause walking in circles?

posted by  meriba(103)

What can you tell me about hamsters with colds?

posted by  vinoth3803(11)

Why is there a lump on my dog's eye?

posted by  armofpilot(15)

Why do cats drag their butts across the floor?

posted by  nat2003(28)

What can you tell me about sytox cat disease?

posted by  smith52(24)

What can I do for my chihuahua who is giving birth?

posted by  Bsjinx(97)

What is the main cause of canine seizures?

posted by  Kjj(31)

What should I do for my puppy with a swollen throat?

posted by  TammyM(34)

What can be done for a stomach ulcer in a cat?

posted by  fishtales68(21)

Can Otomax be used for cats?

posted by  hvinson0310(14)

What should I know about Cephalexin and dog stomachs?

posted by  Gabriel(2146)

What is the proper care for a bichon frise spine?

posted by  Betty0320(734)

What can you tell me about first aid for a dog?

posted by  Sanjaykumar(30)

What is pin firing?

posted by  tron1977(34)

What causes white stool in a dog?

posted by  scotttorino(25)

How much should I feed my pit bull puppy?

posted by  SethBailey(26)

What can be done for a cat with a leg sprain?

posted by  momwants2help(58)

Can Siberians stand the hot weather?

posted by  oohahh(37)

Can a 4 month old puppy have coccidia?

posted by  Emt(25)

What should new kittens' poop be like?

posted by  nettie(15)

What can I do to relieve stress on an older dog's joints?

posted by  Lauren(56)

What is a good laxative for cats?

posted by  MrRick(14)

Why is my dog lethargic after neutering?

posted by  aritra01(17)

Can a dog lose its voice?

posted by  Kelli(181)

Can dog breeding result in the female having stricture?

posted by  JoeGarcia(37)

Is aloe vera good for treating skin allergies in dogs?

posted by  mysconnie(21)

Do Pomeranians commonly have knee problems?

posted by  Bill(23)

What would be a typical glucosamine dosage for dogs?

posted by  Betsyboo5(48)

What should I know about whelping and Yorkie puppies?

posted by  Azrael(27)

What is wrong if my aquatic turtle won't eat?

posted by  shiela(16)

My dog has a hemorrhage. Can you help?

posted by  Satish(17)

What can you tell me about feline obstipation?

posted by  buddah(17)

What is my basset hound is not eating?

posted by  brenda(18)

What can I do if my dog ate indoxacarb?

posted by  rsvisak(15)

What can I do for a constipated nine week old kitten?

posted by  Jerry58(14)

What is the best pain medication to give my cat?

posted by  HippieAshley(58)

What can be done for arthritis in pot bellied pigs?

posted by  nayna(28)

What can you tell me about a maltese cherry eye dog?

posted by  misty(36)

How long does heat in dogs last?

posted by  a15(36)

What bedding should I use for rabbits?

posted by  niku(28)

Why are my baby rats not nursing?

posted by  shane35(33)

What could be causing brown spots on a bearded dragon?

posted by  kolleenm(25)

What should I do for an injured rabbit?

posted by  Vjj5(23)

What can I do about gastritis and pancreatitis in dogs?

posted by  jeremy46(325)

What should I do for my pregnant cichlid?

posted by  sooz(644)

What do baby robins eat?

posted by  Robs4thecubs(422)

What can I do for my dog that has an infrequent cough?

posted by  JennyBucks(63)

How do you treat open sores on dogs?

posted by  shaggy(16)

What should I do if my dog stopped drinking?

posted by  bubbins(14)

Why would my cat abandon her kittens?

posted by  adolf(75)

What can I do for fleas and hives on my dogs?

posted by  helper2000(11)

Do vets prescribe ponazuril for rabbits?

posted by  whitekeys(112)

Can Rimadyl cause urinating in the house?

posted by  smiyb277(37)

How should I take care of newborn sugar gliders?

posted by  clee(33)

How can I keep my albino oscar cichlid healthy?

posted by  abell(13)

What is the process for testing canine eyesight?

posted by  PhillyFan(86)

What are some sign of aging in macaws?

posted by  johncoveleski(93)

What are the Advantage flea medicine dosage amounts?

posted by  davrots(15)

What should I know about plum pits and dogs?

posted by  Binkmeyer(23)

What can cause swollen eyeballs in dogs?

posted by  peace232(76)

What is normal for a beaded dragon's growth?

posted by  JimIngram(115)

What medicine will keep my dog from vomiting?

posted by  ITanalyst(57)

My puppy won't eat. What should I do?

posted by  santiagoed(13)

What is the treatment for feline pneumonia?

posted by  armohan88(20)

What should I do for a bearded dragon with a small cut?

posted by  JJ88(91)

What should I do about my cat who lost a fang?

posted by  Fayevonthaden(20)

How can I stop puppies eating rabbit poop?

posted by  rg08121973(16)

What should I do if my rat get nose bleeds?

posted by  gutied(36)

What would cause Boston Terrier puppies to have diarrhea?

posted by  Chris41(152)

How can I tell if my sugar glider needs to go to the vet?

posted by  pinkie(247)

Should I be concerned about blood in cat poop?

posted by  Jim(20)

Why do some cats drool when petted?

posted by  bjohnson(25)

How much garlic can I feed my dog?

posted by  Amyjane(20)

How can I care for a goldfish with a tumor?

posted by  selva(22)

My dog ate a frog and now he has a foaming mouth. Help!

posted by  Stella(26)

What are the symptoms of west nile in dogs?

posted by  ShaNayNay(25)

Can you help me diagnose my dachshunds back problems?

posted by  MotherOf4(22)

Why is my dog throwing up?

posted by  kctaxlady(187)

How can I help a malnourished kitten?

posted by  frank(279)