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How should I care for a baby lizard?

posted by  arunakumari(13)

When is the best time to mate a Jack Russell?

posted by  ViperDad84(27)

What should I do if my Brazilian gecko has a swollen limb?

posted by  anand26(18)

Can a virus cause liver damage in a cat?

posted by  vap1961(52)

What does it mean if a dog has a purple tongue?

posted by  Megan23(15)

What should I do for my dog who just ate chocolate?

posted by  PrncsPrple(237)

How do I know if my hamster is pregnant?

posted by  marshallthornton(16)

Are peanuts okay to feed to hamsters?

posted by  Noelle(17)

What can be done for a sick molly fish?

posted by  agate(22)

Is it safe to give Milk of Magnesia to cats?

posted by  robert73(23)

What can be done for a mass on a dogs liver?

posted by  Betty0320(734)

What is dasuquin used for?

posted by  latigurl13(12)

Why is my chicken losing feathers near its tail?

posted by  Rachel67(41)

How much will a female mastiff weight?

posted by  sahilccet(20)

What is a good decongestant for my cat?

posted by  MicheleD(15)

What is the best prevention of hairballs in dogs?

posted by  roxy3555(51)

How do you treat a dog whom is in pain?

posted by  alishak(53)

What can I expect from a Pomeranian-Pug mix?

What is a good treatment for an anemic pygmy goat?

posted by  phelips(14)

When should a puppy get his first shots?

posted by  tnjaynes(18)

Why is my dog's face swollen?

posted by  Natoli54(12)

Why does my dog throw up after drinking water?

posted by  SunShiny(17)

What can I do for my female cat who is throwing up?

posted by  Rrr(18)

What are symptoms of house cats that have stress?

posted by  I(11)

How do you know it is time to euthanize your dogs?

posted by  Kevin(21)

How will I know if my bearded dragon is dying?

posted by  JoeSmo(58)

Do dogs like to eat oatmeal?

posted by  DavidC(12)

Why is my Labrador always rubbing his face on things?

posted by  JoshT(20)

Can a guinea pig have a heat stroke?

posted by  Jane5146(60)

How will a guinea pig act when they are sick?

posted by  paigow(33)

What can cause a Macaw to lay empty eggs?

posted by  craftypuppylover(33)

What can I do for mastitis in Boxers who have pups?

posted by  mjoregongolfpro(24)

What are some feline leukemia symptoms?

posted by  Jim41(41)

Is milk bad for cats?

posted by  thorne(29)

What are the symptoms of a female cat in heat?

posted by  blackkshadoww1(17)

Can a cat go blind from a stroke?

posted by  lion10(30)

What can you tell me about orange dog poop?

posted by  worker4722(3)

Does chocolate cause dogs to feel anxious?

posted by  Dana46(2345)

How do you treat bumps on rabbits?

posted by  naenae2000(39)

Can I use Frontline for guinea pigs?

posted by  Jenn(116)

What is the treatment for a wart on a dog?

posted by  AI(23)

How do you get rid of worms in cats?

posted by  michelleclane(7)

How do cats get leukemia?

posted by  rachelj2600(7)

Why would my dog have a rash on his hind legs?

posted by  bpmock(140)

What should I do about a kitten with an upset stomach?

posted by  swiecichc(22)

What can I do for my dog if his ear hurts?

posted by  oldperson27(12)

How do you care for a dog that is deying?

posted by  MaineCoonMom(38)

What to do if a parakeet is pooping blood?

posted by  AaronCooper(26)

Are there birth control pills for cats?

posted by  tamthompson(53)

What is treatment for a dog with an enlarged heart?

posted by  lcapurro812(237)

What is wrong if a rabbit is breathing hard?

posted by  Jinxie(15)

What can be done for a rabbit with ear mites?

posted by  callitkarma(23)

What can I do if my dog does not want to walk?

posted by  Scott44(23)

Would it be considered a disease if my dog has nasal snorting?

posted by  MikeC(9)

What causes chickens to vomit?

posted by  Jennifer78(56)

Could diarrhea in my cat be caused by antibiotics?

posted by  ian(27)

What does a high crystal count in urine mean in a dog?

posted by  georgie(88)

What is a male dog's fertility age?

posted by  Chris2538(16)

How many puppies can a dog have?

posted by  Nicholas79(38)

What is the average life span of a cat?

posted by  Miki(27)

What could cause hair thinning on a cats paw?

posted by  carlhamlin(20)

What can you tell me about moving with my turtle?

posted by  rilla(10)

What can I do for a dying cat?

posted by  SallyJ(1010)

What is the best care for a pig that has dippity?

posted by  Madauzz(29)

Why does my cat throw up after she eats?

posted by  anneb(123)

How do you treat constipation in a King Charles Cavalier?

posted by  Danusaf06(40)

What is wrong if my old dog's leg is shaking?

posted by  Merlyn2040(29)

What can be done for dog tumors?

posted by  worker1149(32)

If a dog eats a maggot, will it get sick?

posted by  jeff456(19)

What is the treatment for scabies in dogs?

posted by  maknesh(12)

Do dogs get rashes?

posted by  Bobby73(25)

What's a good remedy for a constipated cat?

posted by  PDAman(16)

How do you care for molting hermit crabs?

posted by  Linda51(26)

Why does my cat keep throwing up?

posted by  Arioch(190)

Can a cat get conjunctivitis?

posted by  worker3384(157)

Can a cat get mange?

posted by  Draco91185(11)