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What could cause hair loss in blue dachshunds?

posted by  anindita(21)

How common are dogs with yellow eyes?

posted by  hkl091889(18)

What could cause a swollen anus in a dog?

posted by  AcroPilot44(13)

What canned dog food should I feed my six week old shihtzu?

posted by  raja007(23)

What can cause a goat's horn to flake?

posted by  caftril(176)

What can you tell me about rats and ringworm?

posted by  gravyman(18)

Should you take a kitten's temperature rectally?

posted by  javy24(20)

What does it mean if your cat has loose stool?

posted by  mrjm(41)

Can I give my dog aspirin?

posted by  shiveedee(15)

How could I tell if my dog has a pinched nerve in his hip?

posted by  lotion33(48)

What should I do for pregnant platies?

posted by  Aspen(43)

What are hard bumps on a dog's nose and ear?

posted by  edlinux(16)

What can cause yellow discharge from a female Great Dane?

posted by  SANGEEMA(21)

Can you give hydrocodone with APAP to dogs?

posted by  AllisonTibbs(24)

How do you set up a tank for a frog?

posted by  itguy(17)

What are the symptoms of hookworm?

posted by  dponline(35)

What could cause a goldfish dorsal fin to collapse?

posted by  PsyKickRuhYn(32)

Why are my male cats biting their necks?

posted by  melnjon(39)

How can you tell if a rabbit is overheated?

posted by  deepak(29)

Are mothballs dangerous for cats and dogs?

posted by  KGilbert(62)

What do dog worms look like?

posted by  echomom(33)

How do you help dogs with blocked bowels?

posted by  fulltimehotmama(14)

What could causing my hamster to have labored breathing?

posted by  ITDoc(47)

How large do miniature English bulldogs get?

posted by  flamb(34)

What are common rabbit jaw abscess symptoms?

posted by  crane3(90)

What is the process to breed molly fish?

posted by  Steph(16)

How do I know if my dog has a fever?

posted by  hbmarsh(99)

Should dog be kept in pairs?

posted by  Sean59(63)

Is it safe for dogs to chew on pork chop bones?

posted by  geetika(11)

What are home remedies for dogs with bloody stool?

posted by  arn(18)

What should you do about a rooster's broken foot?

posted by  Crece(25)

What is a milk recipe for a new born kitty?

posted by  aceticanswer(33)

What causes muscle spasms in dogs?

posted by  PS(31)

What is plantago homaccord used for?

posted by  Larry34(18)

Are eggs good to help a dog's skin?

posted by  fesdre(655)

Can I bathe my pet after Advantix flea dip?

posted by  LarryH(35)

Is it safe for dogs to eat veggies?

posted by  araenel(50)

Is there an equivalent of a canine morning after pill?

posted by  Nathan(22)

What could be the cause of worms in my dogs feces?

posted by  nandhu(104)

Will an oatmeal rinse help a dogs rash?

posted by  cdbyrd89(17)

What can be done for my horse that has a bony growth?

posted by  karmachaos(26)

What is done for a dog with a hotspot?

posted by  Phantasmality(36)

Is it safe to get Tylenol for dogs?

posted by  mabasi(28)

What do I do if my pet gourami fish will not eat?

posted by  eglennking(22)

What do I do if my hermit crab loses a leg?

posted by  tornado(36)

My dog's paws are irritated. What should I do?

posted by  floresja(33)

What can you tell me about skin rashes on dogs?

posted by  Jenallen(138)

What are the symptoms of worms in cats?

posted by  ian(27)

How do you build an exercise pen for rabbits?

posted by  lendrandir(36)

How do I help my cat?

posted by  ForeverDanni(13)

How do you deal with stressed cats?

posted by  mf(22)

What can I do for my dog with a bee sting?

posted by  cc(23)

Should I be concerned that my dog's feces is green?

posted by  qrtrhrskid(20)

Why does my dog have fluid under her neck?

posted by  ChristianBennion(80)

What can I do to prevent worms in the hoofs of my goats?

posted by  caftril(176)

How much food should I give my puppy?

posted by  snugglesrn(26)

What is the process of flushing a dogs anal glands?

posted by  HariAnil(19)

How long does it take for a dog to chew the umbilical cord?

posted by  sarah39(91)

When is a dog considered to be an adult?

posted by  Kendra(27)

Where do wild rabbits give birth?

posted by  ryan1611(45)

What can you do for broken feet in parakeets?

posted by  Gav(49)

What can you tell me about Lab dogs and lung disease?

posted by  gretchen98(33)

What are the symptoms of liver disease in parrots?

posted by  sundarbabu2(10)

How do you know if your rabbit has an upset stomach?

posted by  jlmk(20)

Is my cat ill if she breathes with her mouth open?

posted by  jmo(89)

Can you stop toxemia in guinea pigs?

posted by  KateAndHannah(5)

My 3-month old puppy has a fever! What do I do?

posted by  fatima(1)

What can be done to help dogs with torn ligaments?

posted by  Anny(15)

Why would a cat throw up blood?

posted by  avanthika(23)

What are a rabbit's signs of pregnancy?

posted by  saeed(22)

What can you tell me about a dog murmur diagnosis?

posted by  fruitfly(126)

What can you tell me about feline hind leg fractures?

posted by  JLEB(20)

What should I know about giving a dog Metamucil?

posted by  arun99(11)

How should I care for an Eastern Cottontail that is sick?

posted by  MickeyJo(8)

What do I do if my dog can not walk?

posted by  lorddryst(74)

What is the best treatment for abscess in dogs?

posted by  jalisha29(24)

How do you treat ring worm in cats?

posted by  Dahlia(36)

Is Neosporin safe to use on pets?

posted by  Nik707(20)

What do you do if your dog has been poisoned with garlic?

posted by  ram123(30)