Question by  maloos (1)

I just realized my cat has a little wound on her head. What can I do to avoid infection?

Initially it was redness of the skin, but I think because she has scratched it it's turned into a little wound now. I need to use something on her skin so it doesn't get infected till tomorrow when I can take her to her vet.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Best top choice always, Bag Balm. You can get it at your Walmart, Walgreens or hardware. It heals awesomely, and is good for your boo-boos too!


Answer by  Anthony23 (10)

You can use warm soap and water, or some hydrogen peroxide on your cat. Be careful and don't let any drip. Its best to use a small amount.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

The cheapest disinfectant is hydrogen peroxide. It only costs roughly $.99 a bottle, and it works for a lot of things. If it foams on the kitty's head that's a good thing; it means that it's working. If you would prefer something with less sensation you can try Colloidal Silver also. However, the Colloidal Silver antibiotic does cost more.


Answer by  gogeta77 (87)

Put her in a jar full of alcohol, it will kill any infection on her immediately.

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