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Is benadryl a good treatment for hot spots in dogs?

posted by  Don12(44)

Why do puppies get urinary infections?

posted by  Tony82(19)

What can I do to stop my cat's hair from matting?

posted by  Burger(20)

My dog is whelping. Is she giving up?

posted by  anthonyross43(17)

My canine is having trouble going up stairs. What's wrong?

posted by  Dragos(17)

What can you do to help a cat whom is giving birth?

posted by  AditeeSardar(22)

My pit bull has a temp of 103.1. Should I worry?

posted by  Lynn82(237)

What do I do after a sudden cat death?

posted by  Surendra(18)

Why is tussigon prescribed for dogs?

posted by  sweetangel(17)

How long do cats stay in labor?

posted by  kelsgram(115)

Can dogs lose appetite when they have pink eye?

posted by  chandrakant(30)

How to get rid of fleas on dogs?

posted by  sue21(62)

When is a good time to shave a Sheltie?

posted by  Scotti(61)

Why is my cat tearing out his hair?

posted by  chityadevi(52)

How do I go about treating a sick red belly toad?

posted by  percy(33)

Is it possible for dogs to get colds?

posted by  gemmie(33)

Should I be concerned about abnormal canine behavior?

posted by  deb(50)

What can cause a dog nerve damage?

posted by  Anonymous

Is it an emergency if my dog has severe constipation?

posted by  khushe(14)

Why is my dog coughing and gagging?

posted by  melissahasty(40)

What can be done for a dog with a stomach tumor?

posted by  jammin(22)

What is the best treatment for dogs with constipation?

posted by  Kimz(34)

What are causes of ear rashes in dogs?

posted by  soniya(22)

Why does my pug have blood in her urine?

posted by  rfd(19)

What should I do for my hamster with a toe infection?

posted by  Abigail(35)

What could the cause of my yellow lab vomiting bile?

posted by  BillT(172)

What should you do if your puppy urinates a lot?

posted by  arn(18)

What over the counter pain medicine can I give a cat for pain?

posted by  BobM(20)

What should I know about bladder infections in dogs?

posted by  endolvr(31)

How can I tell why my cat died?

posted by  brianguy(21)

Should I be concerned about bumps on the back of my cat?

posted by  rachelrm7(30)

What are hot spots on dogs?

posted by  Clint97(23)

What should I do for a goldfish with a mouth sore?

posted by  Antbak(28)

What could be causing my cat's skin itching?

posted by  blsulcer(16)

Can a rabbit have fleas?

posted by  lonewolf198(18)

What can you tell me about Torbutrol for dogs?

posted by  slsweet(45)

What is furunculitis?

posted by  mikeyurchison(14)

What could be wrong if my cat won't feed her newborn kittens?

posted by  Megan(35)

What could cause a dog to have a rash with red bumps?

posted by  Sandra23(29)

What should I do for a swollen leg on a puppy?

posted by  diluxe1(13)

Can a brown anole take antibiotics?

posted by  Franca(15)

Can you give dogs Pedialyte?

posted by  Goutham(27)

Can horses get sunburned?

posted by  anthony(45)

If a cat has FIP, would they run a temperature? How much?

posted by  Nimi(31)

What can cause sores on a dog's head and back?

posted by  Chinsa13(40)

Why does my kitten sneeze then have diarrhea?

posted by  deepak123(17)

What is a good cat food for itchy skin?

posted by  stacykylemark(342)

Is it possible for a puppy to have mange that is itchless?

posted by  sajitha(11)

What is the cost of a kitten stool sample and diagnosis?

posted by  Hunterxx(7)

What is the first aid for a dog stung by bees?

posted by  M26(20)

What are the best clippers to use on dogs?

posted by  D(11)

What could be the cause of blood in the urine of a female cat?

posted by  SueB(22)

What is the best treatment for a dog pad abrasion?

posted by  Vicki(14)

My newborn kittens are not eating. What should I do?

posted by  sweeny(15)

My golden retriever has walking problems. What could it be?

posted by  kayers(281)

How do I make my own dog funnel to prevent scratching?

posted by  scorpie(48)

What should I do for my kitty's runny nose?

posted by  Phil97(569)

Are moth balls harmful to cats?

posted by  NaiveAngelAz(15)

My dog has scabs that smell. What could cause this?

posted by  YellowCar(87)

Can you give aspirin to dogs?

posted by  Jenn0522(74)

Is it normal for a cat to be sore after a rabies shot?

posted by  Israel72(17)

How do you treat bad breath in a dog?

posted by  leelawati(35)

What are some family friendly small breed dogs?

posted by  lwillis(40)

What can I do for my cat that has worms?

posted by  kaykay(2)

Why do cats pee on things?

posted by  baluga(147)

What are the symptoms of FIV?

posted by  hulmer(1067)

How can I get free vet advice?

posted by  AWilson(34)

What should I feed my cat?

posted by  rhellyer(1)

What is the age range for Advantage Puppy?

posted by  Darthcaboose(43)

What should you feed hamsters and how often?

posted by  Jeff57(18)

What should I do for my puppy that will not eat?

posted by  JeffWintaz(24)

What are some cold remedies for cats?

posted by  Andie(38)

What are some home remedies for a constipated dog?

posted by  Mark39(21)

Why does my cat have a fever?

posted by  JoeinNJ(17)

Why is my dog panting and pacing?

posted by  dingo(12)

What kinds of skin problems do cocker spaniels get?

posted by  MaTwosey(332)

What should I do about a broken feline tail?

posted by  eerlanger(28)

What should I do about fleas on my hamster?

posted by  Labien(22)

What are possible causes of a minor motor seizure in dogs?

posted by  viva(60)

Why is my cat very lethargic and walking funny?

posted by  scott63(140)