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How can I recognize kennel cough?

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What are some causes for dogs to have loose bowels?

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What could cause bladder control issues in a female collie?

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What is a good fever reducer for my dog?

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Is sulcrate a safe dog medicine to give to my puppy?

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What vegetables and fruits can ferrets eat?

posted by  whizkid(95)

What are the symptoms of a dog with a cold?

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How long is it til baby teddy bear hamsters open eyes?

posted by  Nathan(22)

What are good questions to ask veterinarians?

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How serious is a fantail goldfish ripped tail?

posted by  katha(41)

What are advantages of Science diet i/d dog food?

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Can dogs eat crabapples or are they toxic?

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What are common beagle problems?

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My pet is dying, should I put him down now?

posted by  Katie75(35)

Why does my hamster have a bare spot on his butt?

posted by  melissa6705(12)

Why is my young cat walking weird?

posted by  Melissa93(29)

What could cause my dog to vomit a milky white substance?

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What is the best treatment for a smelly dog?

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What could cause bumps on my pet boa snake?

posted by  Tessa68(51)

My boa snake is not eating, what should I do?

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How soon after giving birth can a cat go into heat again?

posted by  PHolloway(45)

Why did my fish die after I cleaned the tank?

posted by  emilyr(12)

How do dogs get kennel cough?

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What is the best treatment for dog muscle deterioration?

posted by  Ken(31)

what does it mean when my dogs nose turn pink from black

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Can you give medications to a cockatiel, if so how?

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What causes swelling on a dogs mouth?

posted by  Latha(264)

What is a normal ck feline blood value?

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What is the best treatment for feline chin acne?

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How long before you can sell baby pitbulls?

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How do you care for mother cats?

posted by  TheDocta(24)

How do you care for a newborn kitten?

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Why are dog noses always wet?

posted by  Kath(1537)

What should I do if my older dog is getting aggressive?

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Is kennel cough contagious?

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How can I stop a male Yorkie from humping other animals?

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What causes mud fever in a horse?

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What are the best dog drinks?

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How do you cure ear mites in dogs?

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Where can I get some details about puppy crating?

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What is wrong if my dog eats and then vomits right away?

posted by  mamaspeak(141)

What happens if my dog ate a small piece of the t-bone?

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How should I treat poison oak on my dog's belly?

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Who do you contact to find out about how to ship a dog?

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What would cause my dog's ears to smell bad?

posted by  Danie(993)

What are the signs of ick or ich in tropical fish?

posted by  Wago(9)

What are some of the common goldfish sicknesses?

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How much should I feed my puppy?

posted by  smartin(51)

Why is my hamster acting funny?

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What can I do for my constipated guinea pig?

posted by  DrPill(24)

What could cause excessive panting in dogs?

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What are noticeable dog poisoning symptoms?

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What is your dog has trouble breathing?

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Should I be concerned about feline stomach swelling?

posted by  mehernosh(27)

How do I know if my snail is alive?

posted by  Wanda98(21)

Are cortisone shots dangerous for a dog?

posted by  cary(111)

Why is my female dog bleeding?

posted by  kathy97(48)

What can you tell me about house training a Boston Terrier?

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How can I tell how old teddy hamsters are?

posted by  shan42(29)

What is the growth on dog's leg?

posted by  nat2003(28)

What is the medication for cats that is called torb/val?

posted by  Richa(35)

What can you tell me about tapeworms in cats?

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How long is the gestation of a dog?

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I have guinea pig that has bald spot what should i do?

posted by  roise(3)

What kinds of illnesses do hermit crabs die from?

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What could be wrong for my cat to have a bloated stomach?

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What can be done to help a poodle that has bad teeth?

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What could be causing my anglefish to die?

posted by  KMcRae(714)

How do you treat lazy eye in shiatsu?

posted by  Dtrice(24)

How long do domestic cats live?

posted by  ac12(26)

What will honey do to a dog if they eat it?

posted by  Dezzy(15)

Should I be concerned about warts on my dogs ears?

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Can you keep a male and a female hamster in the same cage?

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What should I do for my puppy's seizures?

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What should I try to feed a kitten that won't eat?

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How do I clear up constipation in my hamsters?

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Is it safe to feed warm blooded horses alfalfa?

posted by  esposa22(12)

What is the black stuff in my dog's ears?

posted by  Stacy(37)

What causes red swollen ears in dogs?

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How much ibuprofen can a 15 lb dog have?

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What causes stillbirth's in dogs?

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Is it safe to give garlic to cats?

posted by  JohnathonLMackin(48)

When can you see a cats third eyelid?

posted by  Jenny30(161)

Can I give my cat Sudafed?

posted by  ppandme(17)

Why is metronidazole used for cats?

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