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What should I do for my limping dog?

posted by  Ken(31)

Why is my dog pooping dark red blood?

posted by  Kes(21)

Why does my hamster have loose poop?

posted by  DawnKnight(39)

Is the antibiotic cefdinir safe for dogs?

posted by  Rachel67(41)

What can cause heavy panting in a golden retriever?

posted by  Kaylene(93)

How do I stop my dog's diarrhea?

posted by  clyde(52)

How can I prevent my dog from scratching all the time?

posted by  Mudge(33)

Why do dogs shiver?

posted by  David31(39)

Do cats have sensitive ears?

posted by  uncikunaolcom(34)

What are the symptoms when dachshunds in heat?

posted by  Gwen(20)

Can you tell me how to care for a snail?

posted by  mturk79(98)

Can frozen gold fish survive?

posted by  devanathan(30)

Is it safe to give a saline enema to cats?

posted by  Gilda(113)

Can my dog give my parrot Bordetella?

posted by  scarywoodwitch(158)

What are the first shots a puppy gets?

posted by  ferretdad(31)

Why is my hamster's eye starting to bulge out?

posted by  mulder(21)

What shots does my puppy need for registration?

posted by  M54(9)

What is a home remedy for canine onion poisoning?

posted by  ShawnL19(310)

Why is my dog chewing her tail off?

posted by  kravi4213gmailcom(16)

Could my puppy be going blind?

posted by  gooffen(19)

What should I know about my cat being dazed?

posted by  cjs1116(16)

What is the standard puppy vaccination schedule?

posted by  narmatha87(20)

What can you do for a cat that has aids?

posted by  ljheidel(14)

How do you litter train kittens?

posted by  marsh(9)

How do you care for a sick chihuahua?

posted by  livetodream34(19)

Why is my dog terrified of water?

posted by  Gavy(111)

What is a safe natural laxative for my cat?

posted by  Nick20(4)

I Ammo-Lock the best water conditioner for my aquarium?

posted by  dawiz09(15)

What is the best treatment for a constipated cat?

posted by  mbsalatino(22)

What would cause my cat to have a rash on his belly?

posted by  Zach54(19)

What does it mean when dogs are losing hair?

posted by  crazyxxme(108)

What could be causing my dog to be limping on his front paw?

posted by  Sky91(25)

What should I do if my dog eats a frog?

posted by  Nekka1(27)

What can I do for my cat who has really bad ringworm?

posted by  Tostao(27)

What are these red dots in my cat's ear?

posted by  devika(51)

What causes eye secretions in dogs?

posted by  coj(79)

Can I drain a hematoma from a dog's ear?

posted by  ellzee(25)

Why does my dog have white gums and is shaking?

posted by  bjfu(19)

What could be causing cats to have hot ears?

posted by  abinesh(17)

What can be done to help a dog who has weak kidneys?

posted by  antonysantos(6)

What are home remedies for kitten constipation?

posted by  dhesing(8)

Is it good for dogs to chew on sticks?

posted by  pandi68(35)

How long does the parvo-virus live?

posted by  mrserna71(19)

What are the effects of prednisone on dogs?

posted by  senthil(19)

What is the normal body temperature for kittens and cats?

posted by  jenn36(18)

How safe are over the counter canine flea products?

posted by  KingPhilosopher(14)

Why are my guinea pigs shedding?

posted by  MeganM(13)

What can hamsters eat?

posted by  misterhrcpins(455)

How do I care for sick kittens?

posted by  coronato(65)

Is it common for pugs to have lumpy skin?

What is the best diet for a budgie?

posted by  archaeocat(21)

Can you use distilled water in an aquarium?

posted by  wdwfan(13)

What are some indicators of a sick dog?

posted by  piyu21(11)

Do female puppies get periods?

posted by  Kryslyn(40)

What is the right dosage of ivermectin cc for dogs?

posted by  Flowerpot(21)

Can Dotson's be mentally handicapped?

posted by  Twoheads(14)

How can you stop a cat from yowling?

posted by  tharrison(33)

Can a nine month old Pomeranian get pregnant?

posted by  horse(23)

What are some remedies for cat dander?

posted by  evand(35)

Is the liquid in a glow stick harmful to cats?

posted by  cpibill(22)

Why would they give my dog 40 mg of prednisone?

posted by  fa315(30)

What kind of medication can I give my cats as a laxative?

posted by  blaze(27)

What are signs a cat has rat poison?

posted by  bioldame491(9)

What can I do if I think my dog is dying?

posted by  Kriten(13)

What are the stages of a dog's pregnancy?

posted by  fruitfly(126)

Why would an adult cat hiss and growl all the time?

posted by  farnk(20)

Is my cat dying?

posted by  balapriya(85)

What does it mean if a dog can't defecate?

posted by  jodiahz(110)

What multivitamin is good for a dog?

posted by  Bob4546(11)

Does a cat's behavior change after a vaccination?

posted by  Bob53(414)

What do I need to get before I bring home a new hamster?

posted by  Venkatesan(6)

What should I know about ShiTzu puppies?

posted by  Pacman(23)

My puppy is sick. What is the best thing to do?

posted by  sajanjiv(85)

Can dogs bathe every day?

posted by  sb2009(20)

What could be causing my puppy to have diarrhea?

posted by  Nancy(578)

What should I expect from my puppy's first vet visit?

posted by  kfelicetti(235)