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How do you brush a cat's teeth?

posted by  babs70(18)

Why do cats purr?

posted by  fleisfitch(11)

What vaccinations should a kitten get?

posted by  diva25(4016)

What are some common cat illnesses?

posted by  me91(5)

Does a dry nose on a cat indicate illness?

posted by  Vincent(75)

Why is my cat constipated?

posted by  vatsa41(7)

What is the species of cat called "rumpie?"

posted by  Dot(54)

Why is my cat constantly licking his own butt?

posted by  Losar(21)

Why is my cat losing his hair?

posted by  nleitere(21)

What could be the cause of feline sudden blindness?

posted by  Mike93(8)

Will vegetable oil hurt my cat?

posted by  livegive(15)

What is normal feline daily food intake?

posted by  AllisonW(20)

What can you tell me about raising an abandoned kitten?

posted by  tksbabu(17)

What causes spasms in cats?

posted by  RobinLouise(28)

What are the causes of cats who have trouble breathing?

posted by  Josh(12)

Are my cat's mammaries drying up?

posted by  3gr8boys(4)

What should I know about cats losing claws?

posted by  droford(53)

How much does it cost to own a cat?

posted by  Tejal(36)

Why is the hair falling out on my cat's abdomen?

posted by  Ellie(9)

What can cause ulcers in a cat's mouth?

posted by  Cheyelashes(40)

Why is my cat sneezing with a green eye discharge?

posted by  mathubex(16)

What is the cat distemperment shot?

posted by  queen(17)

Could my cat be dying from poison?

posted by  Sam91(14)

How do you litter train a kitten?

posted by  patty1956(42)

How long does it take before a pregnant cat starts to show?

posted by  MomOf6(24)

Why does my cat scratch her ear?

posted by  cusackpat(22)

What can you give a cat with a cold?

posted by  mskiki29360(43)

What will cocaine do to a cat?

posted by  Sanjaykumar(30)

Is it really a good idea to buy cats to kill mice?

posted by  SureshKumar92(42)

How far along is my cat?

posted by  julyamy(25)

Is the yucca cane plant poisonous to cats?

posted by  aman(24)

What could cause a brownish discharge from a cat's eye?

posted by  SteveC(24)

How do fleas affect cat behavior?

posted by  rikin(16)

Why does my cat still look pregnant

posted by  JessM(256)

Why is my cat's nose running?

posted by  idrish(39)

How do you treat worms in kittens?

posted by  Aaron12(70)

What are some good names for cats?

posted by  Wolfwerx(76)

What can I do to help my cat who is in labor?

posted by  roger(199)

Should I be concerned if my cat's eye is watery?

posted by  sonja(15)

What can I do for my sick cat when I have new carpet?

posted by  sonja(15)

Can you give clavamox to kittens that have runny eyes?

posted by  Swaminathan(33)

What can I do for my diabetic cat that has diarrhea?

posted by  Fred35(10)

What can I do for my cat that has blood in his eye?

posted by  Goofy(22)

Why does my cat snuggle on my chest?

posted by  CSandeep(48)

What can you tell me about cats and bed-wetting?

posted by  dcameron1021(104)

What can I do about an aggressive cat?

posted by  cubbykatz(293)

Is Advantage flea control good for cats?

posted by  Irene23(2)

How do you "tame" cat dander?

posted by  janu(53)

Is stomatitis in cats diet-related?

posted by  Cali2307(1337)

How to tell how old a cat is?

posted by  claire(34)

How do I de-mat a long-haired cat?

posted by  jaspat28(78)

How long does it take for a cat to have kittens?

posted by  chandrasekar(16)

Why does my cat throw up?

posted by  smd670(18)

What can I do about an older cat licking people?

posted by  anniek(14)

Why is my female cat spraying urine?

posted by  meriba(103)

Do male cats go into heat?

posted by  Vil(117)

When are kittens old enough to give away?

posted by  steve41(37)

How can I help my itchy cat?

posted by  Lucy(40)

What should I know about a cat's stomach sounds?

posted by  newuser(49)

What should I consider before adopting another cat?

posted by  mskiki29360(43)

How old do baby kittens have to be to be given a bath?

posted by  golfgirl(173)

Why does my cat like to stick her butt in my face?

posted by  Mukkayee(15)

Why does my cat lick my arm non-stop all night?

posted by  smf21(19)

How do you keep cats off of your car?

posted by  oldmom(716)

What is the value of a male calico cat?

posted by  Carolyn(30)

Why do I have moths in my litter box?

posted by  ChristianBennion(80)

How do you tell if your cat is pregnant still?

posted by  pbob(19)

What are some signs a cat is ready to have kittens?

posted by  thisrandomkid(22)

What is the treatment for cystitis in cats?

posted by  ganesh25(11)

Can you give a cat baby aspirin?

posted by  Numskull(50)

Can you get a cold from a cat?

posted by  harry67(53)

What are common feline skin reactions?

posted by  slyamy(26)

What are some exotic cats?

posted by  whitestang(20)

What cat foods are okay for ferrets to eat?

posted by  vgmaster937(11)

Are cats from hell?

posted by  icemaiden(28)

Why do cats sleep so much?

posted by  speedy(13)

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