Question by  Swaminathan (33)

Can you give clavamox to kittens that have runny eyes?

My kittens have runny eyes, I want to give them clavamox.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

Yes, clavamox is safe for cats, but it should only be used by prescription. Also, it is to treat bacterial infections. Your kittens' eyes should be evaluated to determine if a bacterial infection is causing the running. If it is not, clavamox will not help.


Answer by  Niles (38)

Clavamox is given to kittens with bad colds with runny eyes. It is safe to give with the correct dosage for the kitten. The best thing to do is to see your vet so they can check your kitten, and give it the correct dosage. Hope your kitten gets better.


Answer by  gorchuck (29)

Due to the high chance of irritable side effects, like vomitting and loose stools, found in adult animals given Clavamox and the uses for it (bone/bladder infections, pneumonia), no.

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