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Question by  balamurugan19 (13)

Can you help me with my cat who always poops outside the liter box?

My cat will not go poo in the litter box.


Answer by  isis36 (161)

Is your litter box too dirty? Try a new box and fresh litter. If you have multiple cats, make sure each cat has its own box.


Answer by  cattybratty (181)

Try picking up the poo with a paper towel and putting it back into the litter box. If the cat smells their poo in the litter box, it should prompt them to use it. It could also be that the litter box is not big enough for the cat and its back end is hanging out!


Answer by  Sammers (15)

If your cat is choosing one location to go the bathroom then, move the litter box to that exact location. However, if your cat is using several areas choose the location that the cat most frequently uses to place the litter box and place food dishes at the other locations.

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