Question by  thisrandomkid (22)

What are some signs a cat is ready to have kittens?

I think she's ready to give birth.


Answer by  Kelmaz (339)

A cat normally tries to find a suitable place for birthing and may hide,they may also be restless. Cats will also breath heavily and pant when a kitten is due,they may also get a slight yellowish discharge and lick themselves more often. And when birthing is imminent contractions may be clearly seen.


Answer by  Anonymous

If she is is hiding from you or extra grumpy, or if she is gathering soft things to a central location (like socks dragged under the bed).


Answer by  wendym1597 (224)

The signs of a cat having kittens is when she acts weird. She usually will go hide in a place where no one can see her, and start digging for something. Then she will lay and have them.

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