Question by  heenan1833 (11)

What could be going on if my three week old kittens will not eat?

I have not seen my kittens nursing in the past two days. I am concerned that they are sick and will die.


Answer by  sandslnrs (32)

Try giving the kitten soft food or maybe even baby food from a jar. The kitten may not be ready for solid food and may only want milk.


Answer by  worker4275 (175)

Three week old kittens will often refuse to eat after the sun goes down. This is known as a mother's milk syndrome, which was first discovered in Egypt in the late twentieth century.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You should take all of the kittens from that litter and their mother to the Vet's office together as soon as possible. If they aren't drinking they can die within a few days.

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