Question by  bertha (26)

Can you help me with my problem, my kittens sleep in the litter box?

My kittens sleep in the litter box.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

Its normal. The litter box is a secure place for them, its usually easy to break the habbit by making them a box to sleep in with a blanket that smells like mommy. If they fall asleep in the litter just take them out and put them back in their box until they get the hint.


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

Our kittens started to do this at about 5 weeks old and we would often find them in the clean side of the litter tray fast asleep. She is now 10 weeks old and since she uses the litter tray all over she doesnt sleep in it no more. Its more of a kitten thing and they do grow pretty quickly


Answer by  DanMan (121)

Kittens sleeping in the litter box is a common problem. one easy way for them to stop sleeping there is to make the litter box have a stronger smell for a period of time. try adding some extra baking soda to the mix.

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