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What are the small bugs found on cats?

posted by  wpzpenguin(137)

Why would a cat throw up blood?

posted by  avanthika(23)

What can you tell me about feline hind leg fractures?

posted by  JLEB(20)

How do you treat ring worm in cats?

posted by  Dahlia(36)

How can I keep my cat from eating too fast?

posted by  ruff(34)

How high can a domestic cat jump?

posted by  michaelm(29)

Can a virus cause liver damage in a cat?

posted by  vap1961(52)

What could have caused my cat to have holes in his head?

posted by  worker5526(32)

How do I know what breed my cat is?

posted by  shazmahmood(5)

Is it safe to give Milk of Magnesia to cats?

posted by  robert73(23)

Why do cats lie on paper?

posted by  bullseye(30)

What is a good decongestant for my cat?

posted by  MicheleD(15)

What can I do for my female cat who is throwing up?

posted by  Rrr(18)

What are symptoms of house cats that have stress?

posted by  I(11)

Is saline solution safe for cats?

posted by  zubiaur(18)

What are some feline leukemia symptoms?

posted by  Jim41(41)

Is milk bad for cats?

posted by  thorne(29)

What are the symptoms of a female cat in heat?

posted by  blackkshadoww1(17)

Can a cat go blind from a stroke?

posted by  lion10(30)

Is it ok to have two male cats in the house?

posted by  Chris33(37)

How do you get rid of worms in cats?

posted by  michelleclane(7)

How do you get rid of the odor of cat urine?

posted by  drXeuss(19)

How do cats get leukemia?

posted by  rachelj2600(7)

What should I do about a kitten with an upset stomach?

posted by  swiecichc(22)

What is the average length of a cat tail?

posted by  Darren(23)

How can I get the cat pee smell out of my carpet?

posted by  mbgith(6)

Are there birth control pills for cats?

posted by  tamthompson(53)

What does a kitten knead when nursing?

posted by  kp671(56)

Could diarrhea in my cat be caused by antibiotics?

posted by  ian(27)

What is the average life span of a cat?

posted by  Miki(27)

What could cause hair thinning on a cats paw?

posted by  carlhamlin(20)

My cat pees on everything. How do I make him stop?

posted by  ZiggyHolmes(127)

What can I do for a dying cat?

posted by  SallyJ(1010)

Why does my cat throw up after she eats?

posted by  anneb(123)

Why do cats urinate on the basement floor?

posted by  sara52(12)

Why is my kitten peeing in my bed?

posted by  dherman(6)

What's a good remedy for a constipated cat?

posted by  PDAman(16)

Why does my cat keep throwing up?

posted by  Arioch(190)

How do you stop dogs from eating cat food?

posted by  tom48(30)

Can a cat get conjunctivitis?

posted by  worker3384(157)

Can a cat get mange?

posted by  Draco91185(11)

What kinds of cat behavior indicate thyroid problems?

posted by  Rose(6804)

What should I do for a cat with larvae in a wound?

posted by  Sergej(34)

What are some common causes of diarrhea in domestic cats?

posted by  Salinda(48)

What could be the cause of my cats ears being warm?

posted by  Aimeers(18)

What should you feed a five week old kitten?

posted by  Kerry(18)

What causes spasms in cats?

posted by  canowoop(16)

What indoor plants are okay for cats?

posted by  monica(11)

How can I control aggressive behavior in male cats?

posted by  Marjorie(22)

My kitten's jaw is clicking. What should I do?

posted by  Tate20(15)

I found a newborn kitten. What should I do?

posted by  qrtrhrskid(20)

Why does a pregnant cat spray?

posted by  catonem(38)

Does a Himalayan cat normally have crossed eyes?

posted by  smartinez(55)

What are these black bugs on my cat?

posted by  ben56(31)

What can cause a swollen vulva in a spayed female cat?

posted by  spoons(5)

Why does my cat have a mucus discharge from its eyes?

posted by  deb40(17)

What are the causes of pink eye in cats?

posted by  Jonie(117)

What can I do for a limping kitten?

posted by  adawg(247)

How long do you need to nurse a newborn kitten?

posted by  jeestes82(105)

Can you feed tuna fish to kittens?

posted by  bethb29(22)

How quick does cat worming medicine start to work?

posted by  Lucia(27)

What are the dangers of a cat's pregnancy?

posted by  omackee(15)

Is Fancy Feast for small cats?

posted by  BaileyJohnston(40)

How can I stop cats from urinating on my porch?

What could cause bloating in kittens?

posted by  CrimsonZ(17)

What does it mean when my cat has green/black fecal matter?

posted by  Echo(229)

How can I prevent my kitten from peeing out of the box?

posted by  rocky7795(25)

What could cause excessive saliva in a cat?

posted by  alexgin(71)

What could be the cause of my cats eyes running?

posted by  Walt65(16)

What could be causing my cat to gag all the time?

posted by  Mathy(20)

How do I change his behavior if my cat bites?

posted by  lynn(821)

What should I know about raising eight-week-old kittens?

posted by  lmckiernan(40)

Does my cat's ear cleaning affect its balance?

posted by  mohan36(13)

My cats are urinating uncharacteristically. What's wrong?

posted by  rain7420(152)

My cat has a runny nose. What should I do?

posted by  Mark39(21)

My overweight cat cannot clean himself. Should I bathe him?

posted by  Kryslyn(40)

Should I worry about a cat with a hanging belly?

posted by  AC44(18)

How do you know how pregnant a cat is?

posted by  bill68(19)

What should my 4-week-old kitten be doing?

posted by  iamanartfuldodger(19)

Why did my cat stop using the litter box?

posted by  CharlieC(12)

What should I know about sexing kittens?

posted by  bigbug(14)

Do slugs make good cat food?

posted by  beko(78)

What can you do for bald spots on cats?

posted by  GucciLuLu(26)

Can my cat be allergic to chicken?

posted by  Briar(26)

When do you know your cat is going to have kittens?

posted by  bluestar(100)

Can cats be trained?

posted by  bamasbear(20)

What are diastix used for?

posted by  KC(19)

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