Question by  Numskull (50)

Can you give a cat baby aspirin?

If not, what can you give a cat for pain?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

NO, NO and again NO!!! Cats can NOT metabolize aspirin, and human medications can be fatal to cats. You can try chamomile tea, catnip can help alleviate pain. If your cat is in pain, you REALLY NEED to see a vet to find our WHY and what you can do about it. Please,don't EVER, EVER give your cat human meds.


Answer by  Anonymous

my vet said 1/4 of one is ok every other day...but i still feel weird about it.


Answer by  overindulgence (61)

I would take your cat to the vet to find out what is causing the pain before providing any pain killers. In some cases, pets who are in severe pain get prescribed various medications, such as Codiene. It would be best to find out what is wrong to prevent future pain, rather than temporarily relieving it.


Answer by  ann13820 (14)

Ditto! Same for dogs, too!!!

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