Question by  deth (15)

How much time would a 15 year old feline that has renal failure have left?

My cat is clearly going to die, how much time does he have left.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

Like all illnesses, it depends on how you treat it. If you choose to administer subcutaneous fluids, you can buy a few weeks or months. It's a personal decision, but I chose to put my beloved cat to sleep rather than let her suffer a slow death.

posted by Anonymous
Hello there- Just an fyi that I have a 15 year old feline with renal disease (early stage) but I have treated aggressively for 1 full year with daily subq fuilds at home and 6 pills a day ( Azodyl/Pepcid/Rubenal) and my Max is doing very well.Don't give up easily.  add a comment

Answer by  TejasWoman (300)

Consider yourself lucky if you own a cat that has reached the age of 15 years, the animal has had a long life. As long as your pet is in no pain and comfortable, enjoy his companionship, otherwise talk over with your veterinarian what alternative steps should be taken.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

With my cat I was told 2 years but she lived 10 more years. Keep stress for your cat at a minimum, give a low-protein diet, lots of water and companionship. Boil turkey or chicken for treats (breaks down the proteins). The first symptom of decline for my kitty was dehydration and having to give i. v. fluids.

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Great news; these should be the stories that we read; people need to be encouraged to try to help the animal; do not take your vet's word as gospel since they do not have all the answers and some owners do not want to do the required hard work.  add a comment
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