Question by  Fred35 (10)

What can I do for my diabetic cat that has diarrhea?

My diabetic cat has diarrhea.


Answer by  tyann (54)

For a diabetic cat. The Best thing and only thing you can give a cat with diarrhea is pepto. Other wise go to the vet, they will give you something for your cat. You dont want to give it anything eles. Unless its dehydrated give it pedialight or gatarade. See your vet first


Answer by  Niles (38)

I would suggest trying a different type of cat food that does not have any fiber and corn products. Instead of dry food, try giving your cat canned, pouched, or raw meat diet. But you may feed your cat lightly cooked meat like chicken or beef for example. It's still important to stay in contact with your vet.


Answer by  Alice17 (28)

Check the food you gave it. The diarrhea may be due to the fact that you gave it the wrong kind of food. If the food you have given it is no different then from any other time, take it to the vet. Since your cat is diabetic it will dehydrate faster.

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