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Why does my cat always sit on books?

posted by  Melissssah(20)

How do you treat cats that have allergies?

posted by  Mitz(36)

Do cats do well with Soft Paws?

posted by  SwaggeringCuban(8)

What can I do about my cat's gas?

posted by  baxlash(49)

What are some causes of feline incontinence?

posted by  lmath629(402)

What are some signs of head trauma in cats?

posted by  eiagaaf(13)

Why is my cat urinating on her bedding?

posted by  Hassan(68)

What could be causing my kitten to have green diarrhea?

posted by  TBone(19)

How much wet food should I feed my cat each day?

posted by  slyfoxbro(26)

How can I give my cat a high calcium diet?

posted by  persico(11)

Why does my cat have dry scaly skin?

posted by  wrusche(176)

How can I break a Boston terrier from chasing cats?

posted by  vianuria(13)

Why do cats eat grass?

posted by  jwhite(24)

What can be done for a cat with a dislocated hip?

posted by  sourgirl472(19)

How can I tell the age of a cat?

posted by  thepaddlegal(24)

How can you stop a cat from licking?

posted by  Gabriella(25)

What should I do if my cats have bloody stools?

posted by  Halloraib(42)

What do I do if a mama car abandoned her kittens?

posted by  waterman(18)

Why does my cat twitch?

posted by  Kelso(16)

How long does a cat need to be confined after spaying?

posted by  Kermitsgrl(16)

What are the best soft cat foods on the market?

posted by  varinder(67)

When do kittens begin to eat solid food?

posted by  Rony(7)

What would cause my cat to stumble all the time?

posted by  Karthon(403)

Will a kitten wear a hat?

posted by  Steve68(2)

How much does spaying a cat cost?

posted by  Muhammadumar(12)

What can I do for a cat with pink eye?

posted by  jaledda(40)

Why is my kitten panting?

posted by  Mutkoski(26)

What is an ideal weight for cats?

posted by  danzig(24)

What is the normal lifespan of a cat?

posted by  Nicole(20)

Can you tell me why my cat pees outside the litter box?

posted by  jawahar(23)

What causes cats to be albino?

What can cause enlarged lymph glands in cats?

posted by  BillyBingham(65)

Can you give antihistamines to a cat?

posted by  Chris25(17)

Did my cat feel pain when she died?

posted by  sheeja joy(17)

Can you feed cats green olives?

posted by  sgomez(33)

What can you tell me about Precise cat food?

posted by  Azrael(27)

How can I tell if my cat is ready to give birth?

posted by  savhomer(18)

What can I do to stop my cat's hair from matting?

posted by  Burger(20)

How do I stop a cat from attacking a dog?

posted by  Jane62(15)

What can you do to help a cat whom is giving birth?

posted by  AditeeSardar(22)

What do I do after a sudden cat death?

posted by  Surendra(18)

How long do cats stay in labor?

posted by  kelsgram(115)

What is the best canned kitten food?

posted by  deepak123(17)

What should I do if I found a kitten?

posted by  peter46(7)

Why is my cat tearing out his hair?

posted by  chityadevi(52)

Why has my cat lost its voice?

posted by  Mohammed(21)

Why are my cats chirping?

posted by  tasquire(29)

Why does my kitten shake and quiver?

posted by  Cashya(14)

What over the counter pain medicine can I give a cat for pain?

posted by  BobM(20)

How can I tell why my cat died?

posted by  brianguy(21)

Should I be concerned about bumps on the back of my cat?

posted by  rachelrm7(30)

What could be causing my cat's skin itching?

posted by  blsulcer(16)

What could be wrong if my cat won't feed her newborn kittens?

posted by  Megan(35)

What would make a cat act out or misbehave?

posted by  sjhomer(30)

If a cat has FIP, would they run a temperature? How much?

posted by  Nimi(31)

Why does my kitten sneeze then have diarrhea?

posted by  deepak123(17)

What is a good cat food for itchy skin?

posted by  stacykylemark(342)

How do I keep my kittens off the counters?

posted by  Tony45(48)

What is the cost of a kitten stool sample and diagnosis?

posted by  Hunterxx(7)

What could be the cause of blood in the urine of a female cat?

posted by  SueB(22)

My newborn kittens are not eating. What should I do?

posted by  sweeny(15)

What should I do for my kitty's runny nose?

posted by  Phil97(569)

Are moth balls harmful to cats?

posted by  NaiveAngelAz(15)

Is it normal for a cat to be sore after a rabies shot?

posted by  Israel72(17)

What can I do for my cat that has worms?

posted by  kaykay(2)

Why do cats pee on things?

posted by  baluga(147)

What are the symptoms of FIV?

posted by  hulmer(1067)

What should I feed my cat?

posted by  rhellyer(1)

What are some cold remedies for cats?

posted by  Andie(38)

Why does my cat have a fever?

posted by  JoeinNJ(17)

What should I do about a broken feline tail?

posted by  eerlanger(28)

Why is my cat very lethargic and walking funny?

posted by  scott63(140)

My kitten does not eat well, should I be concerned?

posted by  trippedwire(31)

Why does a female cat develop a stomach bag?

posted by  newera760(25)

Should I worry that my nursing cat is sneezing?

posted by  KomputerGeek(16)

What is the cause if my cat is breathing fast?

posted by  nhladyslipperfree(42)

What causes loud purring?

posted by  Bones(105)

Why is my feline's muscle wasting away?

posted by  aaomk3(10)

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