Question by  Sanjaykumar (30)

What will cocaine do to a cat?

I think my cat got into my cocaine.


Answer by  Dennis59 (86)

After digesting the cocain the muscles of cats tail begin to relax and the tail starts twitching, also the pupils will be effected and will begin to dilate. The cat will begin to ilusionate and will try and attack anything that moves infront of him.


Answer by  Wichita (84)

Symptoms will appear quickly, within an hour; these include rapid heartbeat, periods of hyperactivity and/or lethargy, agitation, drooling, muscle tremors or seizures. Death can occur; a lethal dose is approximately 25 mg per pound of body weight. If cocaine ingestion is suspected, seek emergency veterinary treatment immediately.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You know that someone could trace your IP address from your posting and tell the cops and arrest you right??? If you think your cat got into cocaine TAKE IT TO THE VET RIGHT NOW. You have no clue how much the cat has ingested and it could be a potentially fatal overdose.


Answer by  Anonymous

I cant beleive anyone would be that irresponsible by letting any pet any where near that crap! apparently you must have a problem that needs medical rehab intervention! only careless addicts would risk not jst themslvs but loved ones too!!!! how sad

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