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Question by  Venkatesan (6)

What do I need to get before I bring home a new hamster?

I need a list of things to buy.


Answer by  sspugs (496)

The first item would be the cage - large enough and escape proof. Also, you would need bedding/nesting material, food (food pellets are the best) and a water bottle, and an exercise wheel. Also, toys to chew on and climb on are good. They also like hideaways for sleeping - a small plastic hide box or a small clay pot.


Answer by  Lisa86 (79)

You need the basics: a cage, hamster food, water dispenser, bedding material (usually wood shavings). A chew toy, usually wood, is needed for the always growing teeth. Also recommended: a wheel for exercise. Your hamster will also appreciate a small place to retreat and take a nap in during the day.


Answer by  missster (38)

You will need the following; a cage, a water bottle, wood chips that suit the type of hamster you are bringing home as there are different kinds available, an exercise ball or some form of wheel to keep the hamster active, as well as assorted seeds and pellets for food.


Answer by  Melissa72 (167)

You need a hamster cage, bedding for the cage, food, water, food and water containers. Hamster cages can be simple wire boxes, or complex cages with tunnels for the hamster to explore. A pet shop employee can show you the right bedding, food, and containers for food and water. Make sure that they have plenty to chew on.

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