Question by  starnes721 (1)

What causes the blood blisters around my English bulldog's mouth?

He's not been injured, so I have no clue what caused them.


Answer by  adriel (38)

Blisters around a dogs mouth are not rare. They can be caused from bacteria and are much like acne for humans. To prevent these blisters try using a stainless steel water bowl. Less bacteria will be able to create a blister. They will usually be harmless, unless it bursts and becomes infected.


Answer by  daddy31 (304)

I also have a Bulldong with the same problem. This is because Bulldogs are prone o skin irritation and problems with dry skin. These problems are often amplified by issues such as stress and lack of exercise and lack of proper hydration.


Answer by  Morgan91 (12)

A blood blister is usually caused by an injury, so if theres no chance that your dog was injured, it could of been bit by a flea or a tick or even a mosquito and had a reaction to that that caused the blister. Also, it could just be allergies that will go away on their own.


Answer by  Pookie24 (74)

The blood blisters could be many things. It could be that that area is getting irritated by some chemical on the things it comes in contact with, like detergent, pesticides, or maybe even insect pests. The dog may then scratch and cause the sores. If changing the objects the dog comes in contact with doesn't help, see the vet.

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