Question by  sajanjiv (85)

My puppy is sick. What is the best thing to do?

He just lays around. He won't eat, won't get up. I'm worried.


Answer by  BlueCatMandoo (66)

If your puppy has been a little "off," for less than a day, watch symptoms carefully and note any changes. Take your pup to the vet immediately if symptoms include: vomiting, high fever, diarrhea lasting longer than a day, or if the vomit or diarrhea has blood in it. In these cases, get your puppy to the vet pronto!


Answer by  dmayjo (6)

Take him to a veterinarian right away. These symptoms might be signs of a serious illness and could require treatment so your puppy gets his appetite and energy back.


Answer by  km101 (31)

The first thing to do would be to contact your vet, or pet doctor. If it's a new puppy that you just brought home, this could be normal adjusting behavior. Also make sure the food you are feeding him is the same the breeder used. You can change the brand, but it's best to ween the puppy slowly. Best Wishes.


Answer by  Supersadie (363)

The best thing to do when your pet is sick is to go to the vet. It may be something very simple that the vet can sort with minimum intervention such as tablets or an injections. Or it may be something more serious such as a growth which requires surgery.

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