Question by  HDgearjammer (30)

What are some typical German Shepherd puppy socialization issues?

I am considering getting a German Shepherd puppy to add to my family. We already have two dogs, I need to know what to expect.


Answer by  worker7220 (77)

German Sheppard puppies have no Socialization Issues. Your puppy will imediately fall in to the chain of command, and look up to the dog who is already considered most dominant.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

German Shepherds can be head strong and therefore a strong hand is needed when socializing them in order to prevent behavior problems in the future. Dominance can be a problem in this breed so you will have to watch out for that.


Answer by  worker9012 (37)

Treat him just the way you did with your other two dogs. Dogs are pack animals and they will follow along with the pack. Feed them all at the same time.. go out at the same time.. play at the same time.. all as a group and your new puppy will learn the ropes and have fun with his new family too.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

What kind of breeds are the other dogs you have? They are good with adult dogs if brought in young. Remember though, Sheps are territorial and protective, they start displaying those tendencies young. They are also intelligent and tend to get bored easily, so keep them busy.

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