Question by  ellzee (25)

Can I drain a hematoma from a dog's ear?


Answer by  jvr (12)

yes, it is possible to drain a hematoma from a dog's ear. most of the methods are using by surgery. other methods can make allergy to the dog,they can be noticed by continous shaking of their heads,they behave like something different happen to them. but when we take care properly we can avoid it.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

Draining a hematoma from a dog's ear should only be done by a veterinarian. This is because the hematoma can cause scarring if treated improperly. Also, many times surgery is required to treat the dog. It is also important for your dog to be treated by a vet to ensure that the underlying cause is treated as well.


Answer by  GreenTema (223)

Yes, you can drain the hematoma from a dog's ear, but no, you should not drain the hematoma from your dog's ear. Unless you are a train vet, you should not mess with your animals ear's, this could cause damage to the ear, including deafness and create a point of distrust between you and the animal.


Answer by  Andrea33 (29)

Make an incision in the skin on to the thin cartilage to drain the hematoma. Warning: it will fill back up if it is not done properly. The incision must remain open for future fluid to drain out. Also if the incision is done incorrectly the skin will reabsorb the fluid and will cause deformity in the ear.

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