Question by  Kaylene (93)

What can cause heavy panting in a golden retriever?

My golden retriever has started to pant on a regular basis, I am curious to what could be causing this?


Answer by  thebes1966 (43)

Dogs pant when they are hot as that is the only way they can cool down. If the Golden Retriever is in a hot place regularly such as a south-facing conservatory then please ensure the dog is removed to a cooler place. If the panting continues then take the dog to be checked at the Veterinary Surgery.


Answer by  Jill80 (27)

The problem with your golden retriever panting more than normal could spawn from a couple of things. He/she could need to have their undercoat brushed out and get rid of the access hair this summer, or if could be not drinking enough water. The other thing that comes to mind is a heart problem, such as congestive heart failure.


Answer by  peters (296)

Panting is a way for dogs to release heat, much as humans sweat. It can also be caused by dehydration or illness. Some dogs will pant abnormally due to stress.


Answer by  Allison (187)

Dogs pant as a way to cool themselves. If it's been hot out, that is probably all it is. Keeping him hydrated and in the shade should reduce it.

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