Question by  Bob53 (414)

Does a cat's behavior change after a vaccination?

My cat went to the vet today and got a rabies shot, and how she's hiding under the bed.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Your cat is just probably scared. If she gets sick, though, she may be having a reaction to the shot which is rare.


Answer by  LM68 (46)

She's probably stressed and/or tired. Vaccinations and a trip to the vet can sometimes do that. Leave her alone for the rest of the day & she'll probably be fine by morning. If not, call your vet.


Answer by  Maggie67 (19)

It has nothing to do with the shot itself. Your cat's daily routine was interrupted by the stress of the visit and cats hate change. Let her stay under the bed and come out at her own will.


Answer by  Gunrunner (561)

Yes, but only temporarily. With any new or painful experience, an animals behavior changes for a short while. When she comes out, show her care and affection, she'll be fine.

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