Question by  user26 (176)

What could be wrong with my dog if his anus is very red and comes out when he poops?

I have no idea what is wrong with my dog.


Answer by  Sabinzi (139)

It's very likely that your dog has a prolapsed anus. This condition requires treatment by a veterinarian. It may or may not require corrective surgery depending on severity.


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

Your dog has a prolapsed anus/rectum. This is a condition where the anal muscles have relaxed and is no longer capable of completely closing the anal opening. I suggest you see a veterinarian for your pet.


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

It sounds as though your dog needs his anal glands or anal sacs expressed. This procedure can be done by your vet and should be done soon. If the anal sacs aren't expressed and your dog cannot express them on its own they may rupture. Also, ask your vet to check for any infections or inflammations, as well.


Answer by  kbo (401)

If your dog has this problem, it is best to seek the help of a veterinarian immediately. It could be something minor like the dog's anal glands may be swollen, or the dog may be suffering from a more serious condition.

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