Question by  NeedForSpeed (16)

How can an inflammatory medication help my cat who has an irregular shaped bladder?

The vet said my cats bladder is not shaped right and then put her on an inflammatory medication, this seems to be strange to me.


Answer by  cindylee (135)

If the vet did a sonogram to view the bladder and it is out of shape, anti inflammatory meds will reduce swelling and provide relief. Bladder may be swelling due to urinary infection usually treated along with antibiotics. Anti inflammatory medication such as liquid or injected prednisone helps the swelling.


Answer by  anyname51 (101)

I think the inflammatory medication is meant more for the cat's comfort than as a treatment for the bladder issue. There is very little a vet can do when an animal has some sort of defect or mutation.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I think your vet may have meant the bladder shape was a symptom, not a permanent condition. I think you meant anti-inflammatories, and they are given to reduce swelling and help with pain. You need to call your vet and have this explained to you again, and ask questions on anything you don't understand.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

The medication is used for pain that the cat may or may not be in. In many cases diseases or inflammation can get to the lungs and suffocate the cat resulting in the cat not being able to breath.

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