Question by  newera760 (25)

Why does a female cat develop a stomach bag?

My cat has a large stomach bag.


Answer by  LaurenHebbe (300)

When a mother cat is pregnant, she can develop a stomach bag. Some cats dont release eggs so this makes the cats stomach bag larger than normal. Take your cat to the vet right away if you think this is a problem, because a vet will be able to tell you if it is or not.


Answer by  a28 (212)

female cat has a large stomach than male ones because female cats have wombs and is ready to bear kittens anytime


Answer by  shijo (861)

If your cat is pregnant then it can develop stomach bag. Go to a vet Doctor and find out whether your cat is pregnant or not. This may help you to get out from dilemma.


Answer by  KalKally (55)

It may be because of pregnancy. It can also be because of hairball. In my case, my last female cat had a stomach bag because she's too fat.

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