Question by  sgomez (33)

Can you feed cats green olives?


Answer by  dingle (34)

Lots of cats go hot (cat? ) wild for green olives. Some even react the same way they would to catnip. While green olives aren't poisonous for a cat, they're not particularly good for them either. Cats can't quite digest them properly and this can lead to diarrhea, which, neither you nor the cat wants.

posted by Anonymous
my cat went crazy over the olives too, he rolled over them like they would with cat nip; he did not eat them. He did however, attack the other cat.  add a comment

Answer by  katmandu (190)

Yes, but most do not like them. I have had several who just enjoyed licking and playing with them, but never ate them. They may like the salty taste, but they shouldn't have too many. Any food not specifically tailored to a cat's nutritional needs should be given in moderation.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Cats are known for having a liking to Olives. As far as anyone knows it's fine for you to feed them to your cat. Just remember that any kind of human food should be given to your cat in moderation. Don't do it often. Most people suggest you don't give table scraps at all but everyone likes to.


Answer by  rys (286)

This is extremely unwise as it may give them diarrhea and dehydration. Some cats like salty things like potato chips or french fries too, but you should not allow it.

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