Question by  baluga (147)

Why do cats pee on things?

My cat has a litter box that he uses, but he also backs up to things and pees everywhere.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

If he's not neutered. Even neutering him won't make him stop. Male cats do this because they are marking their territory.


Answer by  PeachysMommy (49)

Your cat is probably exhibiting territorial behavior, which is quite normal. Cats mark their territories by peeing. You could literally nip the problem in the bud by castrating your cat. Or you could try to make the litterbox more attractive by cleaning it more often.


Answer by  Pandagal1966yahoocom (58)

The term for that is spraying. It happens most often when males that haven't been neutered feel the need to mark their toerritory, sort of like dogs. Occasionly, adult females will do so to, but it's normally the males.


Answer by  Lidia (29)

Cats pee on things other than the litter box when they might have a urinary tract infection or some other medical condition or if their not used to new surroundings.

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