Question by  jawahar (23)

Can you tell me why my cat pees outside the litter box?

And can I train her to go inside the litter box?


Answer by  raja86 (86)

Some reasons include: the box is dirty, the cat does not like the litter, another cat has used the box and yours does not want to share or your cat prefers to use the outdoors. Yes, a cat can be trained to use a box and the training is easy.


Answer by  ancari3 (53)

Cats, being the fastidious and often aloof characters that they are, can be very demonstrative in their displeasure. One very common acting out behavior attributed to cats is to urinate outside of their litter boxes. Do not be surprised if at sometime during the lifetime of your cat you experience this feline "punishment".


Answer by  isis36 (161)

Her box might not be clean enough (make sure it's pristine), multiple cats using it could upset her, or she might have a health problem.


Answer by  Rebeccaz (23)

It may be because you need to change the cat litter. Frequently scooping up the cat's urine and feces will make the litter box more pleasant for your cat.

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