Question by  deepak123 (17)

What is the best canned kitten food?

There are a lot of dry foods for kittens, but not many wet foods.


Answer by  galaga6846 (66)

Fancy Feast and Iam's make a wet canned kitten food. There are canned kitten foods from Science Diet, usually available at pet retailers such as Petco or Petsmart. Special Kitty (Wal*Mart's in-house brand) has a wet kitten food. Finally, there are canned kitten foods available directly from your veterinarian.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

You have to look for similar vitamins that are in the dry kitten food in the wet food. You also want to make sure there isn't alot of oils and animal byproducts. Look for cans that give the exact meat and veggies used in the food.


Answer by  rolala (171)

Kittens need a premium canned food to help them to grow up well and strong their critical first year. The following brands offer fine lines of mid-priced to higher priced kitten specific foods that can be considered the "best" for young felines: Wellness (grain-free), Evolve (50% protein), Avoderm (good for skin and fur) and Felidae (all life stages food).


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

i think special kitty is really good and cheap too. my cat loves it and it comes in a variety of flavors.

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