Question by  Israel72 (17)

Is it normal for a cat to be sore after a rabies shot?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Yes it's normal. After an animal gets their rabies shot they get a bump that forms on the back of their necks sometimes. You may not notice it right away but it will show up in the days following the shot. Do not worry about the bump, it will go away.


Answer by  idavid (385)

Yes, soreness is a normal side affect of a rabies shot. In addition to the needle causing soreness, the vaccine may sometimes produce short-term ill effects, which should subside within a few days.


Answer by  jess60 (61)

Of course. The cat might be swollen at the area and sore. Keep your cat from playing too roughly with other household pets, and make sure not to scratch or pet him in that area. The soreness should go away after a few days. If not, you should check with your vet.


Answer by  sapphire (111)

yes it is normal just like when humans get shots, rabies shots can be sore around the area of the shot for a day or two after getting the shot.

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