Question by  vianuria (13)

How can I break a Boston terrier from chasing cats?

I have tried a lot of things and nothing works.


Answer by  coshaye (30)

I suggest clapping loudly when he is chasing the cat and saying NO! Our you can put him on a leash and when he tries to chase the cats. You can pull back on the leash and say no, while pushing his but down and saying sit. Hope this works.


Answer by  BethHall (256)

The best way to stop a terrier from chasing anything is to never let them be near the item without supervision. You should also never play "chase" as a game when playing with your dog. Keep your dog on a short leash near the item that they tend to chase.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Make sure your dog understands cats are not things to chase. If you have a cat it helps to pet and give him treats when the dog is around.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

You have to get an annoying sound that will deter him. Keep him on a leash also would work. Get a soda can put anything that is metallic in it and then shake it when he starts going after the cat.

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