Question by  PEngle (25)

How much should an American short hair cat weigh when it reaches one years of age?

I have a feeling my cat is over weight, I would like to be sure by knowing the average weight of a typical American short hair at one year of age.


Answer by  RyRy (120)

Just like in a human, it often depends on gender and bone structure. On average the typical age for a 1yr old is between 6-12 pounds. Your local vet should be able to answer this question and any others you may have about your cats weight.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Its hard to say exactly. Each animal is different. But a rough estimate would be 7. 5 to 12. 5 pounds. In that range is fine.


Answer by  mmn (369)

There is no ideal specific weight for all cats, regardless of the breed. Cats vary in size and vary in weight. An American short hair can range from 8-14 pounds. It is best to look at and feel your cat. You want to be able to feel ribs with slight pressure and see a waist from above.


Answer by  ChristinaRamirez (481)

A American short hair cat that reaches one year of age, should weight between 8-12 lbs. Also a male cat will weight about 2-4 lbs more than a female cat. Weight and size all depends on the bone size,structure,and gender of a cat. Purebred cats tend to weigh a little more than the average Common domesticated cat.

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