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Question by  SwaggeringCuban (8)

Do cats do well with Soft Paws?

I would imagine my cat would just chew them off.


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

I used to work as a veterinarian assistant and I had quite a few clients that used Soft Paws on their cats. They work very well. The glue is very strong and you have to get them replaced once every couple of months. I never had a client complain about them.


Answer by  equatorialpigmies (18)

Some cats chew them off, some cats don't. They are less likely to chew them off if you have them put on by veterinary staff, as they know what they are doing and can get them on the claw really securely. Most veterinary offices offer this service for a nominal fee.


Answer by  Iris (60)

We tried Soft Paws on two cats. One had them off in half an hour, the other ignored them. It's not possible to know for sure until they are on.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

Usually cats will just chew them off and be very unhappy and uncomfortable with them on. Cats were meant to scratch things and, for the well being of you and you cat, you should invest in a scratching post or remove the claws of the cat. Putting this product on your cat's feet will only make it an angry cat.

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