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Question by  deb (50)

Should I be concerned about abnormal canine behavior?


Answer by  Arglwyddes (17)

Yes. Any abnormal behavior in your dog should be investigated. If they are breathing easily, eating, drinking, toileting and walking normally then keep a close watch for a few hours. If any of the above are not occurring, or if the behavior continues seek veterinary assistance. Changes may also be due to changes in the dogs environment or routine.


Answer by  Keith (130)

Yes, if your dog is acting abnormally, then your dog is trying to tell you something. New behavior such as wetting, crying, destroying furniture should be discussed with your local vet or animal behavioral specialist. Do not punish your dog by putting him in his kennel, but also do not tolerate bad behavior.


Answer by  Kris (797)

I'm assuming you are asking about a family pet that has suddenly changed its behavior. I'd be concerned. Unexpected changes in behavior and bathroom habits are a big red flag that something is wrong, possibly signaling illness, injury or pain. Another possible cause is the addition of new people or pets to the home. Talk to your vet.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Yes,your canine may have serious problem.Check if saliva drips;the dog doesn't take food and groans at everyone close to it.This indicates that your dog is going stray.The hot season is dangerous for dogs.If it is ferocious,beware!Immediately bring in the vet to give treatment to cure it.Chain it.Otherwise no problem.

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