Question by  Clint97 (23)

What are hot spots on dogs?

Somone said my dog has hot spots.


Answer by  Dennis59 (86)

Hot spots are a surface skin infections caused when the normal skin bacteria grows and overwhelms the normal resistance of the imune sistem. Should be treatd by your vet.


Answer by  maelab2 (262)

Hot spots are a skin infection caused when too much bacteria grows on one spot. To treat it, you can use antibiotics, or just wash the infection. If these things don't work, call the vet. Your dog may try to irritate it, so be careful!


Answer by  DJ24 (14)

Hot spots on dogs ate where they have a sensitive area that itches or burns and they lick ir itch them until they become raw and need medication. They also can be an indication of a nervous disorder, either way a vet can easily astertain which is causing the issue and help you resolve it.


Answer by  triscuitsmom (16)

Hot spots are irritated places on a dog's skin. They are usually places your dog will lick somewhat obsessively. You can go to the vet and get skin ointments that will taste bad and prevent your dog from licking, or look online for home remedies that will give the same effect.

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