Question by  BillT (172)

What could the cause of my yellow lab vomiting bile?

For the past 24 hours my yellow lab has been sick and is vomiting bile, what could be causing this?


Answer by  Mzsthai (36)

Is the dog showing any other signs of illness other than vomiting bile? If your dog is only throwing up bile, it is likely your dog has eaten something that has upset his stomach. Bones and other hard to digest things can cause this. If it continues or is accompanied by other symptoms call your vet.


Answer by  Aces99 (137)

Sometimes you just never know what causes dogs to vomit. They could have licked something up or sniffed something they shouldn't have. I have a Boarder Collie who is very sensitive to shots. If you haven't had your dog long get to know these things it saves worry.


Answer by  seb (220)

This could be a variety of different things. Your lab may have eaten something toxic or something like a string which could damage his or her intestines, or the dog could just be dehydrated.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

It could be your dogs stomach is creating too much bile. The only way to get rid of the excess is to vomit it up. Also keep an eye on his diet. If he isn't eating and has an upset stomach the only thing too throw up is bile.

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