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How old is Major League Baseball?

posted by  greysquirrel(239)

Who was the tallest US president?

posted by  Devin(19)

Is it true that mastiff's would once fight lions?

posted by  bob(22)

What are examples of history repeating itself?

posted by  emon(27)

Was there ever a time in history where marijuana was legal?

posted by  Goofy(22)

What is the basics of the antarctic treaty system?

posted by  BrentByers(39)

What is the history behind Saint Valentines day?

posted by  sally2347(20)

How were the cultures of Athens and Sparta different?

posted by  lita(135)

What is the history of Port Arthur, Tasmania?

posted by  JoeHarpoon(12)

Who were the anti-federalists and what was their agenda?

posted by  outlaw(177)

What is meant by "life in the trenches?"

posted by  astroasis(102)

Is the invention of the wheel the first invention?

posted by  lmwilkinson(131)

What is the history behind the medical snake and staff?

posted by  pasty216(20)

What happened in April of 1990?

posted by  Elizabeth44(24)

How many people died on 09/11?

posted by  Tessa68(51)

What were the Southern Colonies?

posted by  Jimmy72(17)

What were the biggest Industrial Revolution inventions?

posted by  Toad8(11)

Why do so many people associate karate and discipline?

posted by  asianal(397)

How were ancient societies run?

posted by  chuck34108(36)

What were Aztec's homes like?

posted by  eric2212(10)

Who is the First Person to Get Drunk in the Bible?

posted by  Steven(309)

Who invented popcorn?

posted by  bludenim(17)

What was farming like in the old days?

posted by  JoesMom(9)

Who invented the computer and when?

posted by  Mark85(24)

What began the conflicts in the Middle East?

posted by  sillyme(11)

What can you tell me about the Mohawk Indians?

posted by  carter(4)

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Rome?

posted by  reshmimanoj(13)

How long has Quaker Oats oatmeal been made?

posted by  juncel(23)

How far back in history have people used perfume?

posted by  Ruffian(26)

What is the history of Rottweiler dogs?

posted by  tc085(73)

What needed rationing in World War II?

posted by  KT(24)

What were highlights of 50's fashion?

posted by  phreow(9)

In general, what place would you visit in South America?

posted by  ziggy(15)

What was the teapot dome scandal?

posted by  Jamie51(39)

What there a time 10BC, and what was it like?

posted by  k47(9)

What was the best style for ladies clothes in 1920?

posted by  farmerboy(20)

What is the history of Coca Cola?

posted by  Wes(22)

What years was the 350 Oldsmobile in production?

posted by  ABrito(13)

What were the best things of the 80s?

posted by  Danielle42(78)

What are some of Archimedes's inventions?

posted by  Ermine32(31)

Is the movie "The Recruiter" based on a true story?

posted by  Alex65(6)

What is the history of ISO 9000?

posted by  crazymanforever(32)

What was the lifestyle of jousting knights?

posted by  b253(11)

How did Washington Court House, Ohio get it's name?

posted by  burly(11)

When was it determined that 1760 yards equal one mile?

posted by  roelheijmans(11)

What are the seven plagues of Egypt?

posted by  samwatson(160)

Who invented electricity?

posted by  PrncsPrple(237)

What is the history of tarot card reading and wiccan culture?

posted by  dingo(12)

What are questions to ask a historical figure?

posted by  jbjb(34)

Were can I go to get history questions answered?

posted by  raja(23)

What is the government in the Philippines?

posted by  areeba(15)

What are some of the old Walt Disney movies?

posted by  greenhan1(11)

What was life like in Victorian times?

posted by  SamSeaborn(10)

What is the history of Kustom Kars?

posted by  Brian7913(28)

Who invented toilet paper?

posted by  bv49(21)

What is the history of the Super Bowl?

posted by  mmonshausen(114)

What is Buckingham Palace?

posted by  shreya(58)

What's the story of the Hindenburg Airship?

posted by  WordUser(50)

What fashions were popular in the 1950s?

posted by  Angie68(4)

What is the history of the tie?

posted by  Lorri(37)

What was the role of Maryland in the War of 1812?

posted by  Zrafidim(107)

What coins were issued as 1776 currency?

posted by  fhahghag(190)

What is the spoken tongue of ancient egypt?

posted by  Smile24x7(35)

M&Ms come in how many colors?

posted by  kirstym8428(23)

Can you explain the feudal hierarchy from the middle ages?

posted by  KayD(25)

Who invented the automobile and when?

posted by  worker60(26)

What was Henry Clay's view on states rights?

posted by  karthik(70)

What is the history of the Adler Planetarium?

posted by  Ashli(251)

What were the widely used Civil War weapons?

posted by  babbu(6)

What is the history of the Shetland sheepdog?

posted by  Laura76(7)

What can you tell me about the Iroquois Confederacy?

posted by  Grallf(97)

What do you know about the Incas and their civilization?

posted by  mstmp(75)

What type of clothes did Roman ladies wear?

posted by  karategirl(9)

What were highlights of the MLB 2007 season?

posted by  Lemmy(97)

How, when and where were cornflakes invented?

posted by  Aravindraj(9)

What is the history of a Russian Blue mix cat?

posted by  dsnbaby(42)

How did underground rap get started?

posted by  Tam(24)

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