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How was Australia involved in WWI?

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What year saw the invention of the telephone?

posted by  tnfox(23)

Who paid to establish Jamestown?

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Who has the longest feild goal in college football history?

posted by  adam24(9)

What's the story of Anastasia Romanov?

posted by  JChamp(60)

Who are some women poets from the Harlem Renaissance?

posted by  vims(21)

What were the original US ports in colonial times?

posted by  ramesh(17)

Where can I obtain past weather forecast?

posted by  kneill(9)

What can you tell me about Pompeii?

posted by  Mazellett(36)

What is the history of modern medicine?

posted by  Kenzie(5)

What is the history of the Oneness Pentecostal Church?

posted by  crasks(99)

When did the use of marketing begin?

posted by  Hemanth(26)

What were the nicknames for Christopher Columbus?

posted by  slender22(8)

What is the foundation of the U.S. economic system?

posted by  grininggopher(22)

What was the name of the Indiana Civil War hospital?

posted by  Apple47(22)

Who were the signers of the US. Constitution?

posted by  tface1000(147)

What is the neolithic age?

posted by  scrambledeggs(16)

Who were famous Egyptians?

posted by  horse(23)

How many soldiers made up a Roman legion?

posted by  etweedie(107)

How do you re-create primitive tools?

posted by  Sanjeev(15)

Who were the silent movie stars?

posted by  beckyk(34)

What is the history of Westminster Abby?

posted by  MahmoudNadi(30)

What can you tell me about the yadavs?

posted by  MissAmbitions(56)

Where is the Arc de Triomphe?

posted by  sabertoothardvark(66)

What was feudalism like in the middle ages?

posted by  kyle998(8)

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

posted by  Katie75(35)

What made Marco Polo the explorer famous?

posted by  minoty(27)

What is the history of barrel racing?

posted by  worker1367(25)

What's the history of chocolate fudge?

posted by  higgins22(12)

What really happened with the Kennedy assassination?

posted by  DannyBatt(75)

What was 19th Century clothing like?

posted by  Justin25(29)

What was beatnik fashion like?

posted by  gigi(14)

Which were the original 13 colonies?

posted by  nishanth(46)

What were the working conditions in the 1800s?

posted by  John94(16)

What is "conflict diamond?"

posted by  stephblake(205)

How did they apply makeup in the 80s?

posted by  saravanan93(4)

How did they send invitations in medieval times?

posted by  Joe68(11)

When was the Paleolithic Age?

posted by  Bala(23)

When was the prohibition era?

posted by  oconnell(29)

What is the history of human resource management?

posted by  archie(73)

How did Hannibal travel?

posted by  LMcCord(17)

How did the Upper Crust Bakery get to be so well-known?

posted by  mike33(61)

Who are some of the more famous portrait artists?

posted by  sarah8821(2)

Can you tell me about the Biblical character Timothy?

posted by  Thantan(32)

Why did Edward VIII abdicate?

posted by  bryce67(3)

What was the final battle of Revolutionary War?

posted by  Fred63(42)

What is the history of cricket?

posted by  brabdon26(54)

What is the meaning of the name "Megan?"

posted by  Rafael56(8)

What is the history of the Sharpei breed?

posted by  Allison16(24)

how much sugar would a civilian be allowed during the WW2 rationing in 1943?

posted by  Anonymous

When did African American slavery start?

posted by  nolimitsdude(20)

Who were the personal guards of Louis XIV?

posted by  trombonequeen(36)

When was math discovered?

posted by  Digpalsoni(27)

When did the Titanic sink?

posted by  JohnathonLMackin(48)

Who is Charles Rennie Mackintosh?

posted by  ganesh(84)

What are the basics of epee fencing?

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What was the fashion like in ancient Greece?

posted by  ITanalyst(57)

How can I find out who all I am related to?

posted by  souzchef(22)

How did Desilu productions begin?

posted by  Bones(105)

What can we learn from fossilized footprints?

posted by  soonerborn(19)

What type of political system did the Han Dynasty have?

posted by  worker7330(28)

What is the history of women's pantyhose?

posted by  Haritha(25)

What are some examples of how the world has modernized?

posted by  PatrickL(16)

Who was responsible for the first laws and codes?

posted by  metal(22)

Who was the secretary of state in May of 1980?

posted by  Brigitte(14)

What were the Palmer raids?

posted by  Satharn(44)

What are the most important historical events?

posted by  Rae(48)

What is the history of Argentina?

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When did Israel become a nation?

posted by  Joel(82)

What were the ideas from the enlightenment?

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Is the Norfolk Southern Railroad still in operation?

posted by  madjoker(67)

How did some Jew survive Hitler's reign of terror?

posted by  jennybop(254)

How many people died in the Holocaust?

posted by  darla(94)

What is the history of Kwanzaa?

posted by  ShamonaD(23)

What kind of food did pioneers eat?

posted by  SamYosef(9)

What weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

posted by  georgepaul(89)

What is the history of the Rolls-Royce Flying Lady?

posted by  design1(21)

Who are some famous Portuguese explorers?

posted by  Ricky16(2)

What is the history of the Chicago Bulls?

posted by  JKustom(31)

What do the Knights Templar have to do with Holy Grail?

posted by  larababe(22)

What is the history of punk rock?

posted by  Cheyelashes(40)

What is the history of samurai swords?

posted by  IAB(141)

When did Disney create Minnie Mouse?

What kinds of hats did they wear in the Civil War?

posted by  Bee92(82)

What is the history of the Chicago Cubs?

posted by  RajKumar(17)

Who was Jesse James?

posted by  irishgirl(7)

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