Question by  asianal (397)

Why do so many people associate karate and discipline?

I thought discipline was punishment.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Discipline refers to focus, staying on task and doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done without complaining. Karate helps with that because of the morals that are taught that emanate from the Orient. That is the discipline that martial arts instructors are referring to. Karate translated means 'empty hand' and is for defense only.


Answer by  psufootball (72)

You are correct, karate is commonly associated with discipline, however, there are multiple meanings to the world discipline, and you are thinking of the wrong one here. Karate is not about discipline as in punishment, it is about self-discipline (self control) and about only using your skills for self defense. The same applies to most other martial arts.


Answer by  jjj1426 (25)

It takes discipline to learn the percise moves associated with karate. As a result those who learn karate are also instructed on discipline. This is why people associate these.


Answer by  DrYasmin (178)

Because people feel better when their healthy, with the healthy body, you have a healthy mind. 1. Format in which classes are tought 2. It has rules and guidelines. 3. It creates goal orientation and confidence in a person.

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